Wood Fired Tri-Tip and Pinquito Beans


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Adjustable Flat Top Charcoal Grill for Wood Fired Tri-Tip & Pinquito Beans cooked over oak wood coals!

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RECIPE COOKED ON: (https://www.atbbq.com/grills-and-smokers/charcoal-bbq-grills/yoder-smokers-adjustable-flattop-charcoal-grill.html)
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37 replies
  1. Brady McPhail
    Brady McPhail says:

    Eating Tri Tip & Pinquito’s all of my life being born and raised in Lompoc (Lompoke). That, chef Tom looks better than anything I’ve ever eaten. I’ve been cooking the same 2/3rds of my life & the yumminess going into that recipe admittedly is much more appealing than what went into my recipe until today… thank you for updating and making my food better!

  2. Derek Herrema
    Derek Herrema says:

    Challenge and a question –

    I hearby challenge you to make bone-in pork steaks taste good… I don't think it's possible 😆

    Also, any thoughts on the SNS kettle grill?

  3. R H
    R H says:

    Thank you for calling it “Santa Maria style” as neither the seasoning nor the wood is correct for classic Santa Maria. It delicious any way you season it over an open fire tho! Well done!

  4. emmgeevideo
    emmgeevideo says:

    Don't let the name "tri-tip" of the rub restrict you to using it on that cut of meat. It has become my go-to seasoning for a lot of things including veggies and omelettes. It is FANTASTIC.

  5. Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell says:

    I do love some Tri-Tip (has become my favorite cut over the last couple years), But! Those beans stole the show! I'll have to make do with navy beans, but the rest will be exactly the same. Thanks!


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