Wood Fired Pizza on the Uuni 3 Portable Wood Fired Oven

Chef Tom cooks up not one but three pizzas on the Uuni 3 Portable Wood Fired Oven. We like to think there’s a little something in here for everyone, so enjoy and let us know what you’d like to see us cook next.

Full Recipe: http://thesauce.atbbq.com/videos-wood-fired-pizza-uuni-3-portable-wood-fired-oven/

Uuni 3 Product Roundup Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eC-2TSfOkw


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  1. david nolan
    david nolan says:

    I cook pizzas on the Stadler Made wood fire oven. You have to get the temperature just right to avoid burning the base, which all your pizzas look to be. Try cooking them at a lower temperature and they'll taste better. Also, your sauce looks bland, get some anchovies in there, chorizo etc…

  2. Giuseppe Crisci
    Giuseppe Crisci says:

    Sorry chef… But you have improperly used Caputo Rossa for a pizza rised for a couple of hours only. That type of flour Is for long time leavening, over 24 hours and you have let It rise for a too short time increasing enormousely the quantity of yeast. Also, you mixed salt togheter with yeast, not advisable for a correct leavening because salt kills yeast. As you can see, the resulting dough Is poorly rised and It Is like a 'play dough'. Finally, the pizza Is overcooked. Please use more love, i know you can, pizza Is not a fast making food, this Is my message.

  3. Alessandro Taglione
    Alessandro Taglione says:

    Everytime I watch videos like this…I die a little bit..we shouldn't call this pizza neither neapolitan style…it doesn't have anything to do with it and I understand it was just to present the oven but you also put a wrong informations in people's brain. But anyway…have a good pizza

  4. sean ely
    sean ely says:

    I like 2 run my whole plum tomatoes under cold water, break them open to wash away the tomato seeds….too bitter with seeds…but anyways dough looks great and pizza looks better….I have to get the dough part down…half Italian so I have been watching or making gravy every Sunday for over 40 years…ughh I'm getting old…boohoo:,-(
    Great job!! I just got the uuni 3 so I cant wait to make the pizza…and I got a homemade fresh mozzarella kit…so I'm gonna try and make fresh mozz and fresh ricotta….so watch out!! Lol
    But great Video! And I'll be watching for more of your creations…

  5. PlasticVibeMusic
    PlasticVibeMusic says:

    Normally You shouldn't put garlic into the tomato sauce…but for the rest it looks and should taste legit, also should be a bit less cooked, but probably isn't as easy with a tiny oven..Great channel mate

  6. Iain Lamond
    Iain Lamond says:

    I have a Uuni 3 and my little pet hate is dropping pellets when using the scoop, overcame this by using a bottling funnel in the hopper when loading, catches all the loose pellets that fall and smoulder on the firebox.

  7. Michal Viktorin
    Michal Viktorin says:

    Fuck, you explain a dough….. and then use robot to do it instead of you.
    Sorry for being pissed, by I came to see uuni 3 in action, but you explain pizza basics instead. Absolutely 0 information about oven itself, and that is what I came for.

  8. Johnny McG
    Johnny McG says:

    Chef Tom, I have an Uuni 3 and have tried many different dough recipes, including yours, I use type 00 and every. My trouble is that the topside is well done and never any spots or even crispness on the bottom. Do you have any suggestions?


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