Who Has the Best MYSTERY BEEF Hot Dogs (3 of 6) – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

Who Has the Best MYSTERY BEEF Hot Dogs (3 of 6) – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

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Nathan’s Famous Skinless Beef Franks are a delicious addition to your cookouts, family dinners or everyday meals. These jumbo hot dogs, like all Nathan’s Famous franks, are made with 100% premium beef and contain no fillers or by-products. These savory, gluten free hot dogs are also free of corn syrup and artificial flavors and colors, offering a delicious meal choice for the entire family. Bring the original, nostalgic Nathan’s Famous taste to your next family picnic or tailgate party with these bun length franks. These 100% beef franks are fully cooked, making them easy to prepare in a matter of minutes, whether heated on the grill, in the microwave or on the stove top. For optimum freshness, keep these skinless hot dogs refrigerated, and enjoy them within seven days after the package is opened. Enjoy the taste of the Original from the comfort of your home.
One 12 oz pack of Nathan’s Famous Skinless All Beef Franks
These gluten free franks contain no artificial flavors or colors, fillers, by-products or corn syrup
All Nathan’s Famous hot dogs are made with 100% beef
All beef hot dogs made with Nathan’s Famous original 100-year-old recipe
Bring the delicious all-beef hot dog flavor to your next family dinner or grill-out with jumbo franks
These 100% beef hot dogs are fully cooked, so just heat and serve, making them perfect for busy nights
Vacuum packed in airtight plastic to preserve freshness
“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Joe Sapienza
    Joe Sapienza says:

    At 65 years of age, I had been eating Nathan's for longer than I can remember. Unfortunately, the quality has slipped drastically, at least in my opinion. The package weight has gone from 16 oz. to 12 oz. … The flavor and texture are not what they used to be. I have noticed this decline for quite awhile. Then I got turned on to Costco's all beef hot dogs many years ago. The taste, texture, size and overall quality is superior to Nathan's, once again, in my opinion.

  2. J
    J says:

    I've tried different brands….Nathan's and Hebrew National are our favorite store bought hotdogs.
    However…Costco hotdogs are amazing! When I'm there I buy a pack or 2.

  3. Crisper Poet
    Crisper Poet says:

    Once upon a time I stopped at a local convenience store and grabbed a quick hot dog, it was Nathan's brand, but it was a spicy hot dog, and honestly it was one of the better hotdogs I've had with no condiments that didn't involve owning a meat grinder. I have not been able to find the spicy Nathan's hot dog again for the life of me though.

  4. Tex Leeger
    Tex Leeger says:

    My mom is 92 and Nathan's is her hot dog of choice. Can't say these dogs are life extenders but, hey, she's 92.
    PS She's from Maine and Maine is famous (or notorious) for its bright red native W.A. Bean & Sons hotdogs. Some call them "red snappers.: So Downeast: red hot dogs with baked Jacob's Cattle beans on a Saturday night.

  5. Corky H
    Corky H says:

    Hope tomorrow is Hebrew National. It and Nathan’s are my go to dogs. But my wife likes the cheapest chicken dog she can get. And to think i married her anyway. Guess love really is blind.

  6. GoodForYou
    GoodForYou says:

    We did a neighborhood hotdog cookoff blind taste test. It was,a few years ago, but Pan fried Nathan's (in butter) won. Boiled Oscar Mayer was second place. I love this type of experiment! 🥰🤣


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