Who Has the Best MYSTERY BEEF Hot Dogs (2 of 6) – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

Who Has the Best MYSTERY BEEF Hot Dogs (2 of 6) – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

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BALL PARK REVIEW – https://youtu.be/l_tBwhBc4G0

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Oscar Mayer Classic Uncured Beef Franks deliver the signature beef hot dog flavor in a ready-to-heat pre-cooked format. Made with no added nitrates or nitrites except for those naturally occurring in cultured celery juice, our uncured hot dogs feature beef that’s been inspected and passed by the US Department of Agriculture. Oscar Mayer Beef Hot Dogs are also free of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, so you can enjoy the quality uncured franks. Enjoy this classic summer food by tossing our hot dogs on a barbecue grill, or toasting over a campfire as a savory snack or part of a filling meal. Each 10 pack comes in a 15-ounce plastic package to keep them fresh for cooking. Our classic beef hot dogs are a great addition to any Fourth of July or Labor Day BBQ.
Oscar Mayer Classic Uncured Beef Franks Hot Dogs, 10 ct Pack
Toss our hot dogs on the grill and enjoy as part of a classic summer meal
Our classic beef hot dogs are a great addition to any Fourth of July or Labor Day BBQ
Oscar Mayer Classic Uncured Beef Franks contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
No fillers or by-products and no added nitrates or nitrites, except those occurring naturally in cultured celery juice
Meat used is 100% beef
Enjoy the great taste you love and quality you expect, without the guilt
Our all-beef hot dogs are tastier than ever before and perfect for your next BBQ or family dinner
Fully cooked beef franks are ideal for quick preparation and consistent flavor
So many ways to keep it Oscar with our wide range of hot dogs, cold cuts, bacons and meat snack plates

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  1. RBTech
    RBTech says:

    Weirdly…here in Germany these things are pork based (none, to a tiny option of beef) great cold in salads etc and called "wiener wurstchen" (Vienna sausages) if I'm not mistaken. Hot they work in a bun, but for what we non Germans call a hot dog they call "Bratwurst I'm brotchen" grilled until its coloured and some crispy bits, "roast bratwurst in a bread roll" with Ketchup or mustard…these are delicious. Seriously good. Make frankfurters look like cat food. Sliced (just under 1/4" thick) and smothered in ketchup and curry powder (or a premix of curry powder & tomatoes sauce (hot in temperature)) is Curry wurst. The typical food for after a night of drinking in a bar.

  2. Paul H
    Paul H says:

    In my opinion the best hot dogs in the WORLD are Tender Juicy hotdogs from the Philippines. Don’t stick them in a bun – fry or barbecue them and then eat them off a stick/skewer. OMG. You could also dip them in a bit of Pinakorat and your mouth would explode with flavour!

  3. george wilson
    george wilson says:

    I prefer. The traditionall Vienna Chicago hotdog the traditional Chicago hot dog is the only way to go The Philly Dog nah the New York Dog nah the West Coast Dog nah how about them down home wieners from somewhere down south nah heard one time about a unique hotdog from up in the Pacific Northwest nah well how about up Boston way Banaceks hometown nah well how about that special congressional Hotdog out of the D.C. Baltimore area I think they call it the Potomac delight suppose to be a favorite of President Biden let’s just stop here I am going to end this debate by saying the one and only Chicago Dog is the only way to go !!!!!!!!

  4. Kurt Roadtrip
    Kurt Roadtrip says:

    My friend, please just spare everyone. You want the best Beef Hot Dog??? Just go to Nathan’s Famous! I admit I’m Jewish, so yes I should root for Hebrew National. But Nathan’s? With mustard, with some chopped onion? And maybe even some Kraut? Absolutely delicious!

  5. Trinoculus P
    Trinoculus P says:

    I almost always boil hotdogs to tone down the overwhelming saltiness, when I buy a meat product, I don't want to have to pile it with fixins to be able to eat them. I pay more for better quality and not as often. To save money using a pressure cooker with cheap tough cuts is a better solution for our family. People who've made their own sausages tend to avoid the "cheap" store bought hotdogs.


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