What temperature is BRISKET DONE?

What temperature is BRISKET DONE?

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36 replies
  1. @FeChefUSA
    @FeChefUSA says:

    Are Chuck roast expensive or hard to find in canuck land? You need to try cooking one with your 195F IT, 150F hold for 12+ hours. Chopped beef sandwiches are a staple in my neck of the woods.

  2. @alonzoluna8586
    @alonzoluna8586 says:

    My last two brisket cooks, I pulled the briskets in the 196-198 range and held them in a cooler overnight for 12-14 hours…I don't have a holding oven, but with two briskets in the cooler covered in tons of towels, they held temp for a much longer time and when I sliced them at dinner, the whole brisket was very juicy and tender…this will be my go to method going forward…it's only been two cooks I pulled them at temp vs probe tenderness, but the results were the same both times…

  3. @4dwyn
    @4dwyn says:

    Ive cooked mine to 195 like you, based on your older videos, and I liked it but not as much as taking to 203. It has more bite at 195 and is not as melt-in-your-mouth. It's kind of like if you like ribs to fall off the bone or have a little tug to it when you bite.

  4. @ricsbbq9999
    @ricsbbq9999 says:

    That is the same outcome I have. Point will be perfect and the flat will be a little dry. It seems to me the perfect method would be to seperate the point and flat. Cook the point to tender and the flat to 195

  5. @BrisketMedic
    @BrisketMedic says:

    Sooooo I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve found that cooking a brisket to the bark being finished and doing the extended hold- 180 actually yields rendered sweet fat and the long hold ensures tenderness and moisture. Most Texas pitmasters aren’t temp probing briskets before pulling them. It took me 8 briskets in a row to get the method down that ensures it’s perfect every time! You’re definitely on the right track and same thought path!!!

  6. @homegrilladvantage
    @homegrilladvantage says:

    I think you were spot on with restaurant style brisket… MOST people order the point slices because of that rendered mouth feel you get (and its just the best) and people that are ordering the flat prefer a slightly drier texture anyway so its more economical and conducive to success to cook to tenderness. Plus, they just chop up the drier parts anyway to repurpose for other dishes

  7. @EatMoreVegans
    @EatMoreVegans says:

    This is so timely Steve – the video I filmed 2 days ago I should have pulled it earlier. Can’t wait to try this! Now – is your Mom ready for the side by side taste test of yours, James’ and mine?

  8. @CF542
    @CF542 says:

    I'm looking at getting an affordable holding oven from Amazon around the $300 mark. The dimensions are 22"L x 17"W X24"H. Would this be about right for a typical 13-15lb brisket?

  9. @318android3
    @318android3 says:

    I remember while ago you used to use the master built electric smoker as a “holding oven”. Would you still be comfortable using that to hold it overnight to dinner as you’ve shown? Have you done this w the master built? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  10. @henry3435
    @henry3435 says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks Steve. Re: less salt in your rub, I haven't tried it yet, but can't wait to. Less salt in a rub seems like a great thing to me– it's awesome to have just that much more control! I cooked a brisket a couple weeks ago (I used "undercook and hold") and it was great. I think my next experiment will be separating the point and flat, trimming out the seam fat, and meat gluing it back together. I often have trouble rendering the seam fat, so this seems like a good solution.

  11. @jaylancaster5419
    @jaylancaster5419 says:

    Very few commercial briskets get held for 18-20 hours, and most professionals will tell you that quality begins to suffer (slightly) after the 16-18 hour range. Most actually get held for 8-10 hours before service. Meaning the last briskets to be served were probably held for 12-16ish hours. Many pit masters know to hold the "slightly tight" briskets until the end of service, serving the perfectly tender briskets first. They also, typically, do not go from the pit to the warmer. Briskets are usually taken from the pit, and allowed to rest down to the 145-160 range before stuffing in the warmer.

    Good video, but I would wager that the differences noticed were simply because of the brisket quality itself.

  12. @CoolJay77
    @CoolJay77 says:

    This is the best Canada had to offer ever since peanut butter! 😁Advantages: a. Juiciness and flavor of the flat. I have been cooking the point, pointed towards the heat, I did not noticed the point to be compromised. b. The flat holds up better during reheating. c. With your method, I smoke daytime rather than nighttime, in order to serve during dinner on the next day. Triple wins. Thanks Steve.

  13. @hieyeque1
    @hieyeque1 says:

    You know, saying you can't cook good BBQ because your Canadian, is like saying Eminem can't rap because he's white. The whole thing is, in both cases, you have something that came about as a cultural phenomenon. Has nothing to do with geography or genetics. Anyone can make Texas "cultural" BBQ…and I say that as a Texan, born and raised.

  14. @lostwhiskeybbq9379
    @lostwhiskeybbq9379 says:

    I had been cooking to probe tender on my offset for most of my bbq pop ups, timing the cook to get 3-4 hours of rest. Problem was I needed to stay up all night to achieve that. So I bought a holding oven and started doing hot holds overnight. When the holds were 10-12 hours, I didn’t need to change my method, but when holds were 18-20 hours, (this all varied depending on lunch service vs dinner service) I found my briskets to be over cooked. So I backed off and pulled around 195, and they have been coming out perfect. So I agree with this method on extended long holds.

  15. @Rossco84
    @Rossco84 says:

    I’m 100% on your side with this. The stress of putting a brisket on at midnight, staying up all night watching it and spraying it and wrapping and hoping it’s finished by dinner time isn’t worth it! I love cooking it through the day, the day before I intend to eat it, and if it’s not finished until 8pm or 9pm…no worries at all. Put it in the sous vide until 5pm the next day, then put it back on the smoker for 30 minutes to tack up the bark and boom, perfect brisket. I’ve been too disappointed in my cooks rushing to get the brisket done in time for guests and in my mind waisted hundreds of dollars to go away from this method.

  16. @TexasWig
    @TexasWig says:

    This is a good video. I agree with you. about Texas flats. It's probably the reason real barbecue lovers always want the point. How about working up a method for home ovens that only go down to 170?. Cook till 195 then hold for 10 to 12 hours ?I have a sous vide but using the home oven would be nice.

  17. @Captain_Hampton
    @Captain_Hampton says:

    Great video! Doneness is something people don’t explain every well. Some Pitt masters say don’t probe it just go by feel. I only cook a few briskets a year so I have no idea what to feel for. I can do probe tender but sometimes they turn out dry. If Mr Franklin has trouble after he hasn’t cooked in a while, how do you think us backyarders are going to do it? Your 195 and hold has been a game changer for me, thanks!!

  18. @hojobbq
    @hojobbq says:

    Did you wrap both and put them immediately into the warmer over – I know the 195 one you do. But the one you took to 205 – did you let it come down in temp before putting into the warming oven

  19. @tianjohan4633
    @tianjohan4633 says:

    What a great test. Judged by your mother and you even basically told her what to say. Nice, we should do all studies like this.Invented a new wonder drug medicine? Skip the official tests, let your mother try it. Cos she don't lie, she lie she don't lie.


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