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  1. Stephen Hutchison
    Stephen Hutchison says:

    Macaroni and Cheese Snacks. NOT dinners. Dinner-adjacent.
    I can confirm as I enjoy these things, that the velveeta versions are not liquid GOLD. They're pretty terrible.
    I agree that the Food Line and the Kraft brand are probably from the same factory. Food line would use a slightly smaller amount of cheese powder.
    Annie's is basically organic high-end "junk food" dinner, and take a bit more work to blend the sauce, but in my experience they're tasty enough. The Annie's noodles do need to cook longer and their white cheddar is better than the yellow cheddar. (But I only eat the box versions. The cups are stupid expensive for what you get.) The chalky flavor is because they used REAL cheese that's been aged, then freeze-dried and powdered. The powder from the others is cheddar and other cheeses but not necessarily aged, then freeze-dried and powdered.

    The whole half-teaspoon of starch thing in those cups just makes me annoyed. It's because they de-starch the pasta and it tastes terrible without the extra starch, but they also include starch in the cheese sauce/powder so the only reason for it is to make a shorter cook time.


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