What is in Canned Clam Chowder – You Will Be Surprised – What Are We Eating

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“Broken Reality” Kevin
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  1. Ralphie_Boy
    Ralphie_Boy says:

    Wow, I thought we'd lost you due to Mr. Wuhan 😝great seeing you back as well as Mrs.Wolfepits fingers, as for those creamy products I prefer Manhattan clam chowder, at least you can see the clams… 🥣

  2. Anders Svendsen
    Anders Svendsen says:

    I don't have acces to most of the products you review, but around 6 or 7 years ago you made a porkchop sandwich/burger that i just had to make and it was absolutely great! Been a fan ever since and watched most of your vids. Just wanted to say thank you! Wish you well.

  3. Christopher Perry
    Christopher Perry says:

    No Snows clam chowder? It's the pinnacle of canned clam chowder, and the only this that should be eaten in New England. Is it good? No. It's thin and runny (most good clam chowder should be). But, honestly, chowder should be either homemade (I make a great one if you ever come to New Hampshire), eaten in a restaurant (Billy's Chowder House, Wells, Maine is some of the best I've had), or, if you have to eat canned, it Snows. Period.

  4. Ty in NH
    Ty in NH says:

    Welcome back. I can't eat it. I grew up in a commercial fishing town while being raised by the Captain of a commercial dragger. We wanted clam chowder we walked out the font door and dug them fresh. My Gramps would make it from scratch.


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