Wendy’s Restaurant Chili vs. Wendy’s Canned Chili | BONUS TACO SALADS

Wendy’s Restaurant Chili vs. Wendy’s Canned Chili | BONUS TACO SALADS

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Wendy’s Restaurant Chili vs. Wendy’s Canned Chili | BONUS TACO SALADS

Wendy’s Taco Salad is a Fan Favorite

Wendy’s Taco Salad is a perennial fan favorite because it packs in veggies and flavor all at once. On top of that, it also offers the ultimate in customization opportunities. How you top your Taco Salad is up to YOU and we love seeing what our fans do.

We offer up our signature warm, spicy chili and our crisp signature lettuce blend to start. Then, it’s up to our fans to incorporate our salsa (made with roasted tomatoes, jalapeño and ancho peppers) and our tortilla chips made with stone ground masa. To top it off, you can choose among creamy cheddar cheese, fresh diced tomatoes and sour cream. The result is an unstoppable blend of savory flavors that’s made just for you and is far from basic.

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  1. VaQT757
    VaQT757 says:

    I use to work for Wendy's when I was in high school and now my daughter who is in high school work for Wendy's and the honest answer is YES they do use leftover hamburger meat for the chilli but if that meat sirlts for more than 2 days without being used it's written off and thrown out.. they don't give you a bunch of old dried out moldy meat guys. 😅

  2. gregory chumley
    gregory chumley says:

    5$ a can is a shame as dollar general is doing the same raising can ànd all goods the food doesn't cost more to make just suits keeping profits up. Shoplifting is a crime rich making pay more than its worth is legal profits is OK overhead etc plain ripping peep no

  3. Mark Fergerson
    Mark Fergerson says:

    Personally I’m a thick chili guy. That said I’m also a fan of Wendy’s chili. The first time I tried it I was put off by the appearance, figuring it would be bland. That’s probably because I grew up on TexMex chili which starts with roasted puréed peppers, not tomatoes.

    Nonetheless I very much liked the restaurant chili and still do. It’s not bad, it’s just different.

    Last week my daughter in law bought me a can of Wendy’s chili which I haven’t gotten around to eating. Now that I’ve tripped over your review I’m going to eat it tomorrow to see whether I like it better or not. (I’d eat it tonight except she’s making tamales.)

    Fun fact- all modern cans for food sold in the U.S. have a plastic lining bonded to the inside of the can, so there can’t be a metallic taste. That’s purely psychological. The plastic doesn’t weep plasticizers like most other plastics do, so you’re not tasting that either.

  4. Sticky Buns
    Sticky Buns says:

    Wendys and Roy Rogers nostalgia. Man….100% true about the fried chicken at Wendys. Roy's is still good and the fixin bar is still a nice touch. Anybody that carries malt vinegar for my fries will always have a place in my heart. What Wendys can chili is missing is a spicy variant that includes whatever comes in that fantastic chili hot sauce packet. Shame on you for not picking that up btw! And I think all Wendys chili fans knew where this was going. That pot o chili that probably simmers for 12 hours in the restaurant has to be better. The sterile factory environment couldn't possible replicate all of the tiny variables like teenager sweat and desperation.

  5. chicagochris 1988
    chicagochris 1988 says:

    I worked at wendys when i was 17, Its not even that gross about them using leftover meat. When a burger is to old to sell it goes into a pan they rinse it at the end of the night and freeze it and boil it and break it up in the chilli. its not that big of a deal its something they can do in order to not have as much waste. Its a pretty normal process. never bothered me then and doesn't to this day I still love their chili. but its made in house every day and slow cooked every day.

  6. Jason Esler
    Jason Esler says:

    Lol I worked at Roy’s in high school. Yes we had chili and yes we used the hamburger from the night before. Left over chicken was also used for the chicken soup as well. It was stored in the fridge so I never understood the big deal. 👍🏻

  7. Go Away
    Go Away says:

    I used to love their chili (from the restaurant) as I've never seen the canned stuff. I don't eat any of it or any canned chili any longer just to avoid the entirely too much sodium they all contain. I just make my own – with or without beans depending on my mood. I have to think the metallic taste so many canned foods have is from them being too cheap to put a reliable liner in the can to avoid any metal contact over time.

  8. Larry
    Larry says:

    I make a version with alot less sodium… its excellent… i do top mine with green onions and shredded cheddar… fresh cooked beans is a must… i use 3 beans pinto,light red and dark red kidneys

  9. Uni-Byte
    Uni-Byte says:

    If you look at and count the parentheses "()" you will see that "Beef" is ingredient #3 after "Chili Base" and "Water" in the restaurant Chili. My name is Giovani Scooter, but everybody calls me Scooter.


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