Weird But Delicious Regional Chinese American Foods

Weird But Delicious Regional Chinese American Foods

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33 replies
  1. crystalight
    crystalight says:

    I'm really sorry but the thumbnail of this video looks like a Korean dish called "Japchae." That's really why I clicked on this video, to see if you were really calling it a Chinese dish, but I don't actually see you making it. So I guess you just googled an image to only use it for the thumbnail.

  2. Ben Sebaugh
    Ben Sebaugh says:

    That St. Paul sandwich would be good on a flour tortilla crisped up in a pan with butter and dressed with super thin cabbage and onion that had been tossed with rice vinegar.
    Heck, I'd probably smear some oyster sauce on the tortilla while it was getting crispy in the pan.
    I'm gonna try that instead of bread, egg foo yung is great for breakfast too.
    I need to start some mung bean sprouts again.

  3. Joe Polchlopek
    Joe Polchlopek says:

    Hey Larry Happy Thanksgiving! I was already planning to make egg foo young today, so I guess I'll live large and make a St. Paul sandwich! I may just get wild and crazy and make the other recipes too! Thanks!

  4. spaaggetii Man
    spaaggetii Man says:

    Looks good, But already alot of onion in the omelette mixture IMO, the added onion maybe not required raw. The tomato, lettuce egg combo would be delicious. I would personally add some home made plum sauce and some aged tasty cheese.

  5. Soojuu
    Soojuu says:

    Hope your feeling better big guy been watching you for the past 3 years since I love the banquet frozen dinners and I wanted to learn more about what I was eating as a kid til adult

  6. LordEradicus
    LordEradicus says:

    On the north side of both Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County, St. Paul sandwiches are such a tradition at Chop Suey restaurant that I have to remember they are rare elsewhere in the country. A ham St. Paul is one my regular go-to items .

  7. Ronald Yeater
    Ronald Yeater says:

    Sup Larry, still funny lol, only in America 👍, have a happy thanksgiving and continue to get well🙏, tyvm tc 🍔🥩🥘🍻🌮🧆🍲

    PS, also on the east coast, and that's how it is that I know of too.


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