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Walmart Great Value Frozen Shepherd’s Pie Casserole! Is it any good? How does it taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!


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46 replies
  1. nicolas rossi
    nicolas rossi says:

    Thanks for the review. Sounded much better than The Marie Calender's pseudo shepherd's pie slop you reviewed, especially given their scary over complicated, chemistry heavy, ingredients list and the unhealthy sodium content.

  2. Princess Erika
    Princess Erika says:

    I just ate some of this and googled to see if anyone did a review on this terrible liquid dish.. astounded to see that anyone liked it. Great value.. some of your frozen dinners are fine but this one was god awful.. I threw it in the trash ?

  3. Megaglow Z
    Megaglow Z says:

    This is better if you just take the plastic off before you cook it at all. You get a lot more Browning on the potatoes and they're not runny. I microwave it for about 5 minutes then mix some cheddar cheese into the potatoes and then cook it in the oven. Pretty good for a night you don't want to cook but want something better than instant food.

  4. Walter White
    Walter White says:

    I do this on my Weber 22" charcoal kettle indirect, turns out great!
    Nice smokey flavour and the mashed potatoes don't turn out watery. I pile a bunch of cheese on the top after taking the film off. Any frozen entree will taste way better cooked on a charcoal grill.

  5. Kyle Cross
    Kyle Cross says:

    Im a dick but technically its a Cumberland pie if it has cheese on it a cottage / shepherds pie is only meat veg and mash. No one will care but might be one for the pub quiz

  6. Char Elliott
    Char Elliott says:

    Just tried it and yes it was good but the potatoes were soup. They must have changed something along the way though. Box is the same, ingredients, nutritional info, etc…all exactly the same as the one you show. But the temperature is now 375 instead of 400. Maybe they thought cooking it slower would thicken the soup.

  7. Gary Moore
    Gary Moore says:

    I'm married to a British w ok man and she informed me of the difference between Shepherds Pie and Cottage Pie. To be fair, it more known by its proper name over across the pond than it is here in the States. Just discovered your videos a couple of days ago. I'm really enjoying them! Great job!!

  8. __
    __ says:

    This is actually my favorite frozen Walmart dinner. If you bake it with cheese it's even better. If you are on a budget and want a good meal for sub $6.00, it's definitely worth it.

  9. Scott Lakso
    Scott Lakso says:

    I've bought this several times and really like it. Like you, the first time I tried it I didn't care for the watery mashed potatoes. Since then I have baked it for 5 minutes longer with the plastic on, and 5 minutes longer with the plastic off for a total of 10 additional minutes beyond what the package says, and I think it turns out much better. Less watery, and a little more crispy mashed potato goodness around the edges.

  10. Scott Johanson
    Scott Johanson says:

    Just had mine, MMMMM. My potatoes didn't look like cream of wheat and the preheating instructions have changed from 400 to 375. The rest of the instructions were the same. Today is 8/12/2018 and the price is the same as it was from Nov 15, 2017 at $5.48 so that's even a better thing. Oh net weight was 32oz.

  11. Drinkwhiskwyraisehell
    Drinkwhiskwyraisehell says:

    I tried it and it was disgusting. The mashed potatoes has the weirdest slimy watery texture. All together it tasted like burnt plastic / bitter chemicals. Two bites and the entire tray went into the trash. Other reviews complain of a burnt plastic smell and taste as well.


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