Wagyu Burger


This week, Chef Tom goes next level with this Wagyu Burger, featuring a bone marrow spread, house pickled onions, Raclette cheese and a sweet & spicy BBQ Jam ALL cooked on Le Griddle!
Shop @ ATBBQ: https://www.atbbq.com/

Full recipe: https://thesauce.atbbq.com/wagyu-burger/

Tips & Techniques – Simple Pickled Red Onions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAhQgbs4VvU
KC Cattle Company: https://kccattlecompany.com/

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20 replies
    UNKY’S NATION says:

    You have some of the best ground and you fry it on griddle that is no parts BBQ..YOU have real offset somewhere I’ve seen it used only a couple times which is real bbq thank you that..but this griddle/smash burger stuff thats trendy for people that can’t grill needs to stop or take the bbq out of your channel it is misleading..All else is top notch tho.

  2. Dj Pat
    Dj Pat says:

    Bro, how you come up with all this? I only season with the basics all you guys on YouTube come up with some stuff that have my ribs hurting because I'm so hungry. Smdh


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