Wagyu Brisket

Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill to smoke a delicious KC Cattle Company whole wagyu brisket. For this cook we let the brisket smoke open and unwrapped from start to finish, creating an impressive bark and smoke ring. Couple this technique with the injection and the fat content of the wagyu brisket and you get a juicy brisket with incredible texture and flavor with very little effort!
Full recipe: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/wagyu-brisket/


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  1. Reynaldo Fraga-Flores
    Reynaldo Fraga-Flores says:

    First time I’ve seen you overcook something if you can’t slice it and it’s falling apart you failed. I blame it on the injection. You don’t need added juice especially on a Wagyu with so much fat already all in the meat. Sad ?


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