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Velveeta Cheesy Bowls – Cheeseburger Mac Meal! Are they any good? Watch and see!

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  1. Eric Larson
    Eric Larson says:

    S on me of your viewers. Call ou arrogant, belittling and pretentious? They. Left out pedantic. I.think some of my. Fellow viewers need to get over the fact that thry. Were bullied in grade school or not hugged enough by mother. That is unless thay have yet to reach 15 years of age. I was eating thes at work for a week but it was too salty. Another great vid.

  2. Angelic Alien333
    Angelic Alien333 says:

    Cooking from scratch is cheaper than the frozen food so those BUDGET people that say that to you are just plain lazy. I have been broke and cooking my whole life and that frozen shit is a no go to me. I dont even own a microwave.

  3. Brian Spellburgio
    Brian Spellburgio says:

    Hamburger Helper cheeseburger macaroni sweet kernel corn rye bread with real salted butter and apple pie and a nice tall glass of real lemonade with extra pulp would be my death row final meal real talk

  4. fonzo2525
    fonzo2525 says:

    time crunching is the only real reason these foods are so popular,just trying to earn a living these days overwhelms most of us and these meals are a life saver,just choose them wisely which your videos help us do.

  5. Maddy V
    Maddy V says:

    I bought this one time and I couldn’t even finish it. Same with the barilla Alfredo chicken pasta in a box. Blehhhhh. I can’t believe companies sell this stuff to people.

  6. XxNatexX1
    XxNatexX1 says:

    Man I just tried this for lunch on my break time, I took two bites and dam near gagged it taste like ass, never again will I try one of these, pb&j is where it’s at lol.

  7. Jeff Stanley
    Jeff Stanley says:

    Velveeta has a place in the world. It is not bad stuff but is just barely cheese. The Velveeta Skillet Helpers are a lot better than the Hamburger Helper. Why not, they have liquid gold in them!

  8. Sweet Peas
    Sweet Peas says:

    The people who think you're pretentious must be idiots like my ex who preferred ready meals and crap to real home cooked food. He would complain about UK ready meals etc because they didn't taste right to him, he was so used to eating foods filled with rubbish ingredients. Hed also let food sit around 15 minutes because it was too hot! He'd make Campbell condensed soup and microwave it for one minute then say it was too hot!!!! It wasn't even hot enough to combine the slop error I mean soup and water added.

  9. JK P
    JK P says:

    We eat the skillet meal version of this quite frequently and it is delicious. The skillet meals by Velveeta are similar to Hamburger Helper, where you add the ground beef and either water and/or water and milk, then add the seasonings and pasta. We love it!

  10. julemanden uden gaver
    julemanden uden gaver says:

    Here in Denmark they tested the cheepst bacon an a real exspensive bucher made bacon… After cooking the bucher made where cheepst becurse of all the wather in the factoy made one… So you can save so much you use more money on it


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