U.S.A. Canned Smoked Oysters vs. CHINA Canned Smoked Oysters

U.S.A. Canned Smoked Oysters vs. CHINA Canned Smoked Oysters

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


33 replies
  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I can unequivocally say that if you can get gulf coast oysters, they are by far better than any other in the US. I just have no idea if anyone cans and ships them.

  2. Pat Riley
    Pat Riley says:

    As with everything that I have ever bought that was made in China, all of the Chinese oysters seemed to be sub-par. Personally, I do not eat anything that is made in China because who knows what is really in it.

  3. Head Honcho
    Head Honcho says:

    We get here in Australia wild caught alaskan salmon in cans its probably the best salmon as its wild caught not farmed. But looking at the Omega 3's in the lower priced pink as opposed to the more expensive red, the pink has more Omega 3's and more protein whats with that?

  4. Chad Alan
    Chad Alan says:

    Maybe do a smoked sardine shootout. I tried one brand of smoked sardines before that had a good amount of smoke flavor compared to others but cant remember what brand it was. i normally buy geisha brand smoked oysters as that's whats available. I don't love smoked oysters but get them once in a blue moon.

  5. thraellock
    thraellock says:

    I live down the road from a oyster shucking factory that goes through a truckload of oysters a day and everything around here sells oysters fresh or the restaurants in many different cooked ways such as fried or barbequed. Too bad I'm not a fan of Oysters.

  6. Barb Chester
    Barb Chester says:

    Growing up mom always diced up smoked oysters for her stuffing, it was the bomb, the oysters came in a can with the center of the top of the can being clear plastic so you could see the oysters. They were smoked and packed in salt water and absolutely delicious. BTW I think SeaBear are the best US smoked oysters.

  7. Marvin gecko
    Marvin gecko says:

    I love you Chanel. I love your reviews, but I have absolutely nope. I have tried oysters multiple times Fresh deep fried bread And straight out of the can. absolutely nope. It's just not for me again. I love you review.😂

  8. A Kayfabe
    A Kayfabe says:

    I had some made in the US organic tinned oysters and they too still had green inside so I guess location isn’t what is determining whether they are cleaned or not. They tasted just fine however.
    My can of oysters said caution contains oysters on it too. Like I did not expect oysters or something, and I thought that was really funny.

  9. Trish Voss
    Trish Voss says:

    I love canned smoked oysters. They are a tasty cheap source of protein. I used to take them hiking and camping when I was younger. They are yummy on a cream cheese covered bagel 😊


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