Two ChilIs I’ve Never Tried, HAVE YOU? | WHAT ARE WE EATING??

Two ChilIs I’ve Never Tried, HAVE YOU? | WHAT ARE WE EATING??

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  1. Seamus O Brien
    Seamus O Brien says:

    Good to see (sic) a man happy in his work. The can is much too much maligned as a cooking tool, especially in the days of financial tough times.

    Over three times cooked duck fat chips and on super fresh white bread with lashings of butter, touch of salt and white pepper. Call the doctor my heart attack is due and I want to get on the front of the line.

  2. The Journey
    The Journey says:

    Bush’s used to do a really good chili without beans. I can’t stand beans and for years I wouldn’t eat it because of the beans. I make my own now and my husband says it’s good with or without. I make it without and he can add beans to his bowl if he wants. He finished off tonight what I made day before yesterday and said he wished he had more. Not bad, convalescing when we got married 33 years ago, neither of us knew how to cook. And I was elected to learn since I’m the woman. He’s turned into a pretty good cook too, so I guess we’ve learned together.

  3. hydr085
    hydr085 says:

    Hey Larry, don't know if you are a big soda drinker, but I the person, think you should try the Dr pepper strawberries and cream soda. It's pretty good.

  4. Marc Stevens
    Marc Stevens says:

    Growing up, I had the Hormel chili. Great back in the '80's, but not so much now. Stick with the Armour, as it is fully well balanced with both beans And meat. I does help to add some spice to it…


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