Turkey Skillet Dinner for .81¢ – How to Feed Your Family on a Budget – Eating on a Budget


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  1. Brian Hart
    Brian Hart says:

    Well, this is a complex meal with 4 poor ingredients… I really can't think of effective ways to use ground turkey, they have bad texture and not much taste, ground beef has a similar issue, poor texture makes them secondary ingredients in most dishes. Ground pork performs like 2 levels better, I guess that's because better pork parts end up in the grinder.

  2. Scirobo
    Scirobo says:

    I did not know people frowned upon ground turkey. We use it to make tacos regularly. Cook up the ground turkey in a skillet, drain off the fat, add half a jar of salsa, stir, then add cheese on top and cook until melted. Spoon it into a taco shell and add whatever toppings you can afford. Slice up a head of green lettuce then top with sour cream and a bit of salsa. Dinner done in 20 minutes and a family favorite.

  3. vonlipi
    vonlipi says:

    I just hate ground brown turkey meat…the smell makes me want to puke… I usually buy the ground breast meat and flavour it with onion, mayo and other spices…it is great in burgers.

  4. J. Eleven
    J. Eleven says:

    Wait now Im from the city of Philadelphia. Not trying to brag but I have money and lots of it.
    You call this a budget meal.
    This a fine gourmet dinner to me.
    Im making this tomorrow. Thanks

  5. sam coleman
    sam coleman says:

    Looking forward to the H2O episode – Pre and post weight meats – How much H2O was injected into YOUR MEAT!!!! That sounded a lot different in my head . . .

  6. Wes Gregg
    Wes Gregg says:

    I wouldn't like that (bird), but I'd still eat it up and be thankful to get it. Looks like a fairly complete meal – and a filling one. I'm going to write that one down. Might have to substitute one of the critters that are living off the plants in my backyard for the bird. Then, with the money that would save, I could have a glass of milk, or a carefully selected cheese that pairs well with the rest of the dish (translation: whatever is the cheapest real cheese, lol). With some kind of dairy product, it really would be complete. THANK YOU for the meal idea! I'm going to restart the video and let it go long enough to give you the two ad views for your YouTube monetization account.


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