Turkey Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Turkey for Thanksgiving or for any holiday feast is good eating, especially when cooked on the grill, or roasted low and slow on the smoker. Make your holiday meal extra special with these BBQ Pit Boys tender and juicy Turkey Breasts, injected with traditional and beer seasoned marinades. If these recipes bring tears to your momma’s eyes, you’ll know why! Also, check out more of our turkey recipes http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL71721AAD4AE10BF5&feature=viewall


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  1. Dj Tums
    Dj Tums says:

    Thanks BBQ PIT BOYS I made a 8lb turkey breast, then using the same grilling method I cooked a 17lb turkey and maaannnnn it was good. Thanks for posting these videos!

  2. Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett says:

    You guys r fantastic I tried your tn dry ribs with that mopping sauce they turned out excellent in that one video for smoked Turkey breast I saw u use oj and Apple juice that cup of salt u used was kosher salt correct

  3. Von Walter
    Von Walter says:

    You guys rock. I have watched a lot of your BBQ vids. Going to smoke a turkey this thanksgiving in my WSM. Hopefully, it will turn out as good as yours. I am a little concerned about smoking in colder temps in Ohio.


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