Tri Tip smoked like a brisket

How to smoke a tri tip like a brisket

This is a trend I ha not tried before August 2021. I was skeptical and wondered how it would turn out. I smoked one as a test and my wife enjoyed it so much I decided to make a video on it. Please enjoy!

Recipe: Coming soon.
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34 replies
  1. Jeffrey N. White
    Jeffrey N. White says:

    I liked this video and the tri tip was delicious. I am a California native and have been eating tri tip all my life. The down side to this way of smoking a tri tip is time and how much it shrinks. I usually smoke a tri tip in my Traeger for about an hour and twenty minutes on smoke and then seat it in the grill on high for 2 minutes a side. Perfect. Thanks for the idea, very tasty.

  2. Firghtening Truth
    Firghtening Truth says:

    Bruh, DON'T TRIM THAT FAT ENTIRELY OFF! Cut it down to 1/4 inch. Then use a stick burner so you get the convection to turn it into sugar cookie bark.

    Mmmmm, sugar cookie.

    Edit: for anyone curious, look up chuds bbq. Watch any of his brisket vids.

    Then treat this almost the exact same way. Foil boat and all.

    I assure you, the fat renders down. Just not with a pellet grill. 🤣

    2xedit: Actually, scratch that. I don't use a pellet grill (stickburner master race) but I know people DO and get a sugar cookie crust. I have no idea why he takes the fat off. Unless he is from Oklahoma or something.

    Just do it centex (central Texas) style, and don't worry about it.

    If you have a tub of wagyu fat, put some on when you foil boat so the bottom side confits in it. Mmm. Confit with a sugar cookie crust. Also, prime bc thats all HEB had. 🤣

  3. Y S
    Y S says:

    Render all the trimmings make beef tallow with onions and butter. After cooking pour the tallow on tri tip wrapped in aluminum foil for 20 minutes. Unbelievable

  4. Douglas Anderson
    Douglas Anderson says:

    I tried it. It was the best steak sandwich that I have had. The nicest part, when I bit into it, my teeth cut through the steak with little resistance. Most times the first bit of a steak sandwich I tend to get a huge piece of steak, and 2-3 disappointing bites. When cooking it like a brisket, it was buttery soft and every bite had steak in it.

  5. Cindy Stephenson
    Cindy Stephenson says:

    I tried this today. 2-lb Tri Tip. According to my “MEATER” probe it says internal temp only 140- 149 for a medium tri tip. Mine was done way earlier. Temps hard to hold on my new Bronco charcoal smoker. 🤷‍♀️

  6. Matt Bauman
    Matt Bauman says:

    This was all I knew. I thought it was so strange to see people cooking it hot and fast. I leave about 1/4 inch of fat cap on and smoke them fat cap up.

    It’s hard to even find tri tip on the east coast!

  7. KrauseDev
    KrauseDev says:

    I’d seen plenty of your videos but didn’t know until this one just how close I live to ya. I’m in Midlothian. What’s your favorite butcher shop in Waxahachie? Or do you always stop by HEB?

  8. W C Neathery
    W C Neathery says:

    I did a boneless leg of lamb brisket style (foil wrap) and it was the best leg of lamb I have ever had, also got my wife's seal of approval as the only way she wants leg of lamb from now on.


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