Trash Can Nachos


Buckle up, because Chef Tom is taking us to Flavor Town with one of Guy Fieri’s own recipes. Give credit where credit is due. These Trash Can Nachos are out of bounds!
Full recipe:

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  1. Trey
    Trey says:

    Making this tomorrow for the game!

    Man I’d love to see you do some boneless wings! Maybe garlic parmesan or something. Not a ton of good YouTube videos on good boneless wings surprisingly!

  2. A B
    A B says:

    While you can fit a bunch of nachos on a compatibly small plate, I have a feeling they will be soggy.

    Also you think u could just add more cream vs use velveta. That stuff is just oil water and cheese

  3. Scott Laub Skeeterswoodshop
    Scott Laub Skeeterswoodshop says:

    Hey guys¡ Can I make a kick ass cutting board for you to use on your channel? It would be food safe and ready to work on, and visually awesome to look at. I'm a small side hustle woodshop in Wisconsin looking to get some exposure. I've been a woodworker for 25 years. Thanks.

  4. Raymond Weiss
    Raymond Weiss says:

    Had these at Guys Fieris vegas kitchen in the before times. 1, the presentation when they come out is pretty cool. 2 they were delicious. Went to a place called nacho daddy on the same trip, the place that was based around making nachos didn't make nachos as good as the ones at Guys and his place is like a burger and bbq joint.

  5. Charlie M
    Charlie M says:

    Dude you don’t have to use the thermometer for everything. Those are thin steaks. Just do it by eye and I’m sure it’ll still be good. You take the fun out of grilling. When I picture a backyard bbq, there’s no thermometer involved. Too much technology takes the fun out of it. Come on man


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