Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls – Gamer Snacks – WHAT ARE WE EATING – The Wolfe Pit

Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls – Gamer Snacks – WHAT ARE WE EATING – The Wolfe Pit

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  1. Kay Anthony
    Kay Anthony says:

    FaZe is a stupid Call Of Duty Clan. They heave no life, and they're unhealthy and probably gonna die soon. I think that gamers have a life span of about 16 years from when they begin gaming.

  2. techmaester
    techmaester says:

    I just happened to try a product irrelevant to this video, but since this is your most recent, thought I would bring attention to a brand of pasta I like and overall good brand. However, even decent brands that have a high price tag need a few easy fixes. Last week, at my local grocer, paid 1 cent shy of $11 for 16 oz. package of Giovanni Rana's Chicken Fettuccini Carbonara. Not a frozen food, but refrigerated or fresh prepared foods section. I disagree with the instructions. First, the problem is the sauce needs be thicker, and have more bacon and chicken. Very little, mostly a watered down half cup of soup. The pasta should be removed from its bag and microwaved in water in a small pot on the stove, reduce heat to medium, and then remove the pasta from the pot into the provided container. Do not open the pouch of meat/sauce. Five to ten minutes should heat the contents enough. Empty the pot of water with the bag in and rinse cold water as you would with hard boiled eggs. Carefully cut the bag open (do not tear at the top as you can have steam burns), and slowly pour the contents over the noodles in the container. That would work much better! if you find it and give it a try, what do you think? Link to the product: Tip: You can buy their same fresh fettuccini noodles as you would with ravioli and tortellini, at about half the price (it depends on the store, of course). Get some rotisserie chicken, Ready Bacon, and jar of Alfredo sauce (yes, Rana has their own brand in the pasta/canned sauce aisle), and you have a much greater portion to feed three people for about $25. I do give Rana credit for higher quality ingredients and eco-friendly plastics (you can tell by the 'crispiness' unlike the petrol plastics of yesterday). As the saying goes, preparing at home sometimes is better over convenience. Not a bad experience, but I can relate to the many videos on your channel.

  3. Aaron Eidinger
    Aaron Eidinger says:

    Pizza roll hack: deep fry

    I'm not saying it's healthy, but it does produce a superior product. They don't have instructions probably because it's more likely they'll burst (I've generally had about 10% leak during the cook, but it usually seals right up). The best part (aside from the better flavor and texture) is they only take about 2 minutes per batch.

    Worth it.

  4. TJC
    TJC says:

    I love buffalo chicken-flavored food, but these didn't work for me. Didn't really seem like chicken, but more like a chicken-like filling. That wasn't the worst part. The buffalo aspect of the food had a very strong vinegar flavor.


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