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Throwback Chef Boyardee vs. New Chef Boyardee! Take a step back to your childhood with me and let’s see which ones are better!


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47 replies
  1. Billy Perry
    Billy Perry says:

    I noticed these throwbacks in my supermarket the other day. I considered grabbing one for the kicks. After seeing this I think I'll grab one even though this video smells of corporate sponsorship.

  2. Bite Me
    Bite Me says:

    It's not going to be the same, they don't make food anymore. They took everything out of food that's good and makes it food and all that's left is garbage. You can't go out and buy a french fry anymore that tastes like a french fry, they took gluten out of everything and ruins it all, the health Nazis have destroyed our lives. I want gluten in my food, I want fat in my food, I want salt in my food, I want real sugar in my food, I want grease in my food, I want french fries dipped in hot oil and sugar the way they used to make them! I want a fat hamburger fried on a grill the way they used to make them! I want onions in my onion rings and milk in my shakes! The new recipe probably doesn't have any gluten in the noodles, they are trying to kill us.

  3. Craig Fields
    Craig Fields says:

    Because of this video I decided to try Chef Boyardee again from my childhood at my local grocery store. Just finished a half can/bowl of the mini ravioli from the 15oz can. Very good and the other half tomorrow will have even more flavor, a real value for a can that cost $1.19. The pasta on the mini ravioli was not overcooked and still had some good chew to it even after another 30sec in the microwave after the initial 90sec (1100w) since after a few bites it went back in. I sprinkled the top with ground cayenne and stirred it in before heating, a light dusting. I did use saltines to soak up the extra sauce and to add a needed crunchy texture. This should be considered more of a soup than anything else but is still quite tasty, Truly enjoyable. Thanks for the video.

    this was not a throwback recipe can.

  4. trumpeterTralala
    trumpeterTralala says:

    they fed it to us brown but it's only dazzling blue in the window at a certain angle. now its not coming off, even without cream when it's over there by the raincoat. give it to us red, like way before, when it took all day to raise one to Dimmy.

  5. SmartrMelons
    SmartrMelons says:

    What you overlooked in the ingredients, is that the new version has carrots. You can taste the carrots, and that's why it sucks so much now. I used to eat Chef's raviolis since the 60s, and still would if they hadn't changed the recipe. They added carrots so they could claim they're nutritious. I think there's a Fed standard of vitamin or vegetable content before you can claim 'nutritious' on the label. So now I'll buy the little $1 containers of beefaroni for a light lunch.. it has the good ol' taste.

  6. Eldon Tae Kwon Do
    Eldon Tae Kwon Do says:

    Hell yeah son, spag and balls! I have two young sons (10 and 7), so I get to enjoy stuff like this from time to time. I miss the 80s when I got to enjoy all the better foods like old days KFC, old days Burger King, old days Wendy's (back when their fries were actually good instead of covered in old burnt skin), and all of the other foods that were SO much better than when the ENTIRE US food markets were flooded with warped food conscious products. It makes me sick that everything that Americans used to enjoy is now outlawed and had to conform to ridiculous food standards in order to survive.

  7. fuzz rug
    fuzz rug says:

    I always loved the chef-boyardee overstuffed beef ravioli sauce that had slightly sweet and cheesy taste but they have changed the sauce now and I can't stand the new sauce

  8. Paul Collins
    Paul Collins says:

    I dont understand why everyone thinks all these "new recipe" foods are better.All these foods are changing under the U.N. goals.You are eating fake meat to get you used to so called "plant based" foods.hence "end hunger for everyone".Just try your favorite digiorno or tombstone pizza and see how it tastes now.All being manufactured in a lab or factory to ship it all to other


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