This Chicken Alfredo Burger Surprised Us!

This Chicken Alfredo Burger Surprised Us!

Chicken Alfredo Burger // Can we make a burger out of chicken that is as juicy and flavorful as a burger made of beef? Challenge Accepted!

Chef Tom shows us how he makes a Chicken Alfredo Burger that is so delicious that he surprised himself! In this recipe, Chef Tom reveals the secret to creating a flavorful chicken burger that doesn’t dry out. He also shows us how to whisk up an Alfredo sauce in just a few minutes. Don’t miss out on the roasted tomatoes and crispy garlic bread either. This one has all of the right ingredients to make for a burger that is sure to impress.

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00:00 Introduction
00:31 Making Garlic Butter
01:05 Making Ground Chicken Patties
03:27 Roasting Tomatoes
03:50 Making Toasted Garlic Bread Buns
04:40 Removing Tomatoes From Grill
05:02 Grilling Burger Patties
05:37 Making Alfredo Sauce
07:26 Making Tomato Chutney
08:29 Shredding The Spinach
08:56 Building The Burger
09:38 Taking A Big Bite, And Another, And Another
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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Fun fact, garlic bread and chicken Alfredo are actually not Italian at all, they are both american made. In Italy at a restaurant you really wouldn’t find either

  2. Am S
    Am S says:

    This guy is the pinnacle of ads every ingredient is a freaking ad…I don’t know why to watch these videos…instead watch the ads channel…WHO AGREES WITH ME???


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