Thermo Pro TP03A Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Why Break the Bank on a Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer when you can get an Ultra Fast Thermo Pro TP03A Digital Instant Read Thermometer for $12.99

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  1. Scrappy Cat
    Scrappy Cat says:

    I bought one, and I love it. No it wouldn't hold up to a Sherman tank running over it, but then we don't
    often have Sherman tanks running through the kitchen. Thanks for the tip Larry !

  2. Kyle Levesque
    Kyle Levesque says:

    You could also do your water test in Celsius – boiling water should be 100 degrees and ice water should be 0 degrees – because Celius was designed around weather (water), unlike Fahrenheit which was designed to take human temperatures.

  3. Bass Reeves
    Bass Reeves says:

    You should host infomercials on t.v. You sound trustworthy and your voice is friendly. You need to be Billy Maze 2. Your signature will be your chair. They'll remember you because of that.

    Get on it, companies!

  4. zerocool6370
    zerocool6370 says:

    My only question is are they waterproof or water resistant?? I usually use Taylor digital thermometers in my kitchens because they can be washed easier and tend to last me about 4-6 months

  5. Nyan Nyan
    Nyan Nyan says:

    Omg you'd CRINGE at how I cook my chicken…I basically season it and nuke it in the air fryer until the whole thing is crusty and that's it. I'm not gourmet enough lol

  6. Ms. Brown Thang
    Ms. Brown Thang says:

    I have one of these I used to think … I've been cooking forever and never needed one but then I tried it. The taste and temperature started to come out perfect for things like ribeye steak or shiimp. Things I didn't cook all the tine I was able to get a perfect taste and temperature. It's gonna be a small change but the good flavor and quality is worth it.

  7. Candace Vaillette
    Candace Vaillette says:

    I am teaching my son to cook. He is 17. I am THINKING about getting him this, but at the same time, I have never used a thermometer, even when I cook a Turkey or Chicken. Growing up we were too poor for that, and I Learned to cook by sight. I am trying to teach my son this also. Right now we are doing chicken and he is learning how to cook by sight of the chicken meaning, is it red at the bone. I feel this is very important. I once had a friend have me cook dinner for her children as she was going to be gone for the evening. She gave me some boneless chicken for the kids. The "kids" by the way were 16, 14, and 12. Anyway, I put the chicken in the oven and cooked it. I do not like my chicken breast dry and over cooked. So I cooked it tender and juicy. . It was done. I also worked in a restaurant, and we serve chicken breasts all the time. I get lots of requests for over done and and tender and juicy. So when their dinner was done, I sent them back upstairs with their food to eat at their apartment right above me. . They were old enough to eat at their home by themselves and I did not want all of the dishes. They told their mom I did not feed them right and that the chicken was not done. I think this was because I sent them home. She also was mad and said the chicken was not done and she had to throw it away. I guess she liked her chicken well done. Needless to say we were not friends after that!

  8. thefox47545
    thefox47545 says:

    I've had one of these for a few months now. It's good, I like it! Only complaint is that it feels a bit flimsy like it would break if you dropped it on the kitchen floor. So I recommend it as long as you don't drop it.


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