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This video tells you a little about The Wolfe PIt

“George Street Shuffle” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Lizbeth Raymond
    Lizbeth Raymond says:

    I hardly ever subscribe to youtube series videos, but I did this time. I just finished watching highlights from favorites of 2014, and I have to say I. AM. HOOKED!!! Looking forward to 2015's cooks while I raid the archives for everything I've missed to this point. Kudos, sir!

    T-ROY COOKS says:

    Great intro Larry! I'm sure that took a while to compile since you have so many great money shots! I think you should buy a Winter home near Austin so we can hang out and stay warm during Winter. Maybe you could show me a thing or two about cooking? Heheheheee

  3. Lumberman2011
    Lumberman2011 says:

    Everyone go sub TheWolfePit!! Larry has the best no kidding easy to make food even I can make. This is a MUST SEE CHANNEL!!! Great job on intro Larry!!
    I wish you continued success my friend!!

  4. bebebutterfield1
    bebebutterfield1 says:

    I live up north Lar but I come from a southern family. The favorite place in the house for my family was in the kitchen. We always visited eachother in the kitchen, I think thats why I enjoy watching Youtube cooking videos (sssshhhhh I can cook). It's like visiting folks in their kitchen. Some make you feel right at home. You are one of those folks.

  5. grandma lynda
    grandma lynda says:

    like your style. simple ingredients well except for the hot sauces. most are available in Canada so I can actually try the recipes. As for make the kitchen your domain!
    I have a sign in mine. "in this kitchen I reign supreme. If you don't agree, Starve."  And yes make a recipe your own.

  6. joed596
    joed596 says:

    EXCELLENT   "intro video",  Wolfie!  . . . .  *very* nicely done!    🙂

    Lots of GREAT shots of some of your tastiest recipes . . . . 

    All best, thumbs up,  and wishes for continued success,  Jersey Joe  🙂

  7. Juanelo1946
    Juanelo1946 says:

    Larry, I saw a few dishes that I missed. I have to go back and watch those videos! Everything looked fabulous! The ad was so attractive and well-made that I wanted to go out and buy something! Great job!


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