The Ultimate Comfort Food: Banana Pudding with Chef Britt


Need a big o’ bowl of comfort? Look no further as Chef Britt guides you through her incredible recipe for her take on Banana Pudding!

View Full Recipe here:

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  1. D J
    D J says:

    👍bueno, bueno all I needed was some of that bomb brisket to eat before that and its lights out baby! Nice recipe we'll have to try it. Keep up the good work, great channel love it…one love ✌

  2. John
    John says:

    I like how she talks about her skills and a pastry chef and then proceeds to spill the starch outside the mixing bowl. Apparently she never made the basket ball team. Who in their right minds covers something with plastic so it can "cool down"? Dam this recipe has to much fricking work. She should have just taken the banana bread when it was warm, topped that with a nice scoop of ice cream and then topped that with some banana's foster.
    Of course this is just my opinion and that plus 3 buck will buy you a cup of joe in most places.

  3. Dan Kramer
    Dan Kramer says:

    I am very excited to try this and had a couple of questions:
    1) Can you freeze the bread ahead of time?
    2) How long would you allow this to set in the refrigerator? … And how long will this save refrigerated (making ahead for a party – when we're allowed to visit friends/family again?)

  4. igiveupfine
    igiveupfine says:

    holy cow. i can't believe it. the best banana pudding ive had, came from a bbq joint in the south that had banana bread pieces in the pudding. that was the only place i'd seen it. so it's great to see she ued it.

    AND i had thought about trying to make a banana caramel by baking the bananas with cream and baking soda. she almost kinda did that, but i'm sure this still tasted amazing.

  5. Martin Underwood
    Martin Underwood says:

    Ok, I was about to rail against the lack of 'nilla wafers, but dang. That looks really, really good. I'm thinking, for me, just for some different texture, I might toast, or griddle the bread cubes and give them a bit of a crunch, but again. Dang.

  6. Latasha Berkley
    Latasha Berkley says:

    This is what I think about when I think of banana pudding….actually bananas in It!!! Go head with yo sassy self Chile! Great recipe. This is why I love this channel, doing all your cooking out on a grill, showing up the "box kitchen" folk..keep up the good work to all the chefs at all things bbq.

  7. 4wolverines
    4wolverines says:

    Like the videos! Never mind the jerk below. These are teaching videos. If you don’t have something nice to say…. then say nothing! I’m glad we get 2x the videos now! Keep ‘em coming!


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