Texas Sugar Dry Rub Ribs

Texas Sugar Dry Rub Ribs – Memphis Style Ribs
This recipe and video is all about our brand new seasoning, Texas Sugar. This is a versatile sweet, heat pork and poultry rub. It is fantastic on ribs, pulled pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, smoked cream cheese & popcorn. In this recipe we are going super simple with the cook to allow the rub to stand out. We are making ribs only with this dry rub which will give us a Memphis Style Dry Rub Rib.

We simply smoked the ribs at 250 with Meat Church pellets (oakhickory) on a Traeger Ironwood 885. I spritzed them 3x with cider vinegar. during the cook. Allowed them rest, sliced and inhaled a rib that I could eat 7 days a week!

Recipe: https://www.meatchurch.com/blogs/recipes/texas-sugar-dry-rub-ribs-memphis-style-ribs
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Meat Church Apron: https://www.meatchurch.com/collections/add-ons/products/hedley-bennett-meat-church-apron
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36 replies
  1. T Hutch
    T Hutch says:

    Did some ribs and chicken with it. Really enjoyed the new Texas sugar, it’s definitely a different profile than some of the other meat church rubs. The Texas sugar to me has a heavy Cumin note in it, that I don’t get in the other rubs. It’s different, but in a good way, it certainly has its place, it’s a keeper.

  2. Benjamin Russell
    Benjamin Russell says:

    Love your videos. I used your honey hog and honey hot rubs on ribs and they were the best ribs I’ve ever had. I wanted to try more of your rubs and couldn’t decide which one…so I bought them all. They arrive wed and I can’t wait….hope the wife doesn’t get mad. Lol

  3. Salty Crow
    Salty Crow says:

    I love sweet heat rubs (and sauces) best of all. I've tried many, looking forward to now trying yours. Those ribs looked awesome, love the bite off the bone doneness and not… try to bite off the bone and get slapped on the chin with a slab of saucy rib meat. I much prefer eating, than wearing my food.😆😉

  4. grillmaster07
    grillmaster07 says:

    Awesome! That's all I have to say! Mill Scale all the way! Not in to the pellet so much! They looked really good. I will be placing an order again for this rub and the other ones. Christmas is coming!😜

  5. John Bokanovich
    John Bokanovich says:

    This might sound crazy but I have been using a heavy coat of Holy Cow on babybacks followed by a light dusting of honey bacon. At 160, I pull em off and wrap em, with butter, brown sugar, honey and a fat bead of Sriracha. These ribs are freaking killer.

  6. iknutis
    iknutis says:

    You need to send some to my norwegian pusher Matt; bigboybbq 😀 I have a complete Meat church lineup, and my kids favor all of your rubs. I bet Texas sugar will be the same.

  7. Marco Pires
    Marco Pires says:

    Can't wait to try it. Just got into BBQ and rubs and after reading your rubs were the best I gave them a try and they didn't disappoint. Really good. 👍
    Gotta wait a bit until it gets to European suppliers but it will be worth the wait I'm sure. Cheers

  8. Jade Lanverton
    Jade Lanverton says:

    So my ribs are famous bc of honey hog and honey bacon. I immediately ordered a 1lb bag and tried it on chicken. Maybe I didn’t put enough bc I didn’t get a whole lot of flavor and was kind of surprised. And no wrap huh that’s different I’ve never done at Louis but I’m going to give this a try. Thx Matt

  9. Norfolk Reefer
    Norfolk Reefer says:

    Can’t wait till this gets to the UK,I keep most of your rubs I’m my cupboard at all times….and I get through them! Holly voodoo is one of my favs for chicken and ribs,I do find that the holy cow and holy gospel clumps together in the tub which really bugs me

  10. Jeff Mawby
    Jeff Mawby says:

    Can't wait to get a hold of this new rub!
    Was part of the Sweet Meat Cooking Team from North main BBQ in Euless back in the late 80's, and we smoked our St. Louis style ribs just like that with no wrap.
    Have enjoyed using all your products!


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