Texas Style Smoked Beef Cheeks

Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for these insanely delicious, incredibly simple Texas Style Smoked Beef Cheeks, and turns it all into a fantastic chopped beef barbecue sandwich!

Full recipe: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/texas-style-smoked-beef-cheeks/


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  1. Tom Kriskey
    Tom Kriskey says:

    Hey Chef…would you consider doing an instructional on a shoulder clod? So many others have done one on their channels; but, I would be all about seeing your take. All the best! Best channel w/o a doubt on the interwebs.

  2. ctFlyman
    ctFlyman says:

    Brought home my new YS 640S yesterday – just finishing the burn-in. This is an awesome machine – bought it mostly based on info in your videos. Can't wait to slap some meat to it. In the beef cheek video you mentioned setting the baffle, can you include more tips like that in future videos? You are making great instructional videos, keep on rocking!

  3. Jay
    Jay says:

    You do great work man. I love beef cheeks and usually roast them with some vegetables for a nice sauce, but I will definitely try the smoked sandwich variant. Thx a lot.
    edit: if I had one wish, it would be the use of metric units in your otherwise flawless videos 😉

  4. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    I’ll forgo any cheek related puns as let’s be honest a lot of them are going to sound just plain wrong so I’ll just say I hope you guys had a Happy Leap Day and the dish looks awesome.


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