Texas Beef Short Ribs – Smoked Beef Ribs


Thank you for watching my Texas Beef Short Ribs video. On this video, I smoked some Texas beef ribs from Porter Road that were so good. These Texas Beef Short Ribs were so meaty and they cooked much faster than a full rack of Dino ribs. I’m not a huge fan of bbq sauce but these ribs were sauced lightly and they were super tasty.

Thanks for watching
Smokin’ Joe


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43 replies
  1. Jadon Stevens
    Jadon Stevens says:

    New subscriber here, love the content. I was wondering if you could tell us what knives and sharpener you use. They always seem to be in pristine condition and stay sharp!

  2. Travis Pizel
    Travis Pizel says:

    Those look fantastic! I made full Dino ribs for Easter for the first time and they turned out great, so now I'm finding myself watching every Beef rib video I can find.

  3. Leatherneck Prepper
    Leatherneck Prepper says:

    So I broke out my offset Oklahoma Joe today for Cinco. The wife’s restaurant asked me to smoke up some goodness. I used your method for fire management over what has worked for me over the years. Mine was to much hands on. The kettle grill is working perfect (thanks) I found though you can screw up a perfect fire by adding wood to soon on the offset doing it your way. Will it affect my 12lbs of Texas brisket? Time will tell. The lesson here if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Your fire management is clearly better. Thanks for the knowledge.

  4. Darryl James
    Darryl James says:

    Nice I love beef ribs, Joe those Ribs are looking good I did some beef ribs last week. I love when they come out tender, Dark on the out side and reddish pink in the middle and I can eat them no sauce or all sauced up.

  5. Jorge Cardoza
    Jorge Cardoza says:

    Excelent video, as usual. Have you really tasted a diference between dry aged and non dry aged beef ribs? I usually grill aged beef ribs argentine style, because I think the smoke would overpower the aged flavors. Thanks, man

  6. Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell says:

    Those look magnificent! I'm a dry rib fan, but no problem with a spicy tangy sauce on the side. Those would go great with some bacon wrapped pickle spears on the side too!

  7. BBQ Jones
    BBQ Jones says:

    Great job on these, they look fantastic! There's definitely something that a fire box pit does to meat that a pellet grill just can't quite replicate.

  8. Eugene Rice
    Eugene Rice says:

    First off I'd like to sat I enjoy watching your videos. As a fellow Texan myself, smoking meat is almost religious to me. I would like to ask you if you could upload a video showing fire management, which Wood are the best for what meat. I think when I first started, fire management was difficult for me. I think it also bugs me to see people use pellet grills. Only because I think it takes away from the experience. Anyways, Thanks for your Videos

  9. histemplefitness357
    histemplefitness357 says:

    Nov2020 I did my first brisket complete cook on a brinkman vertical smoker. I learned my smoking and fire management techniques from you and produced the best brisket I ever had at the time!!! Now I look for any and every opportunity to put something on my smokers. Thank you for your videos I have learned SO much from you!!! I’m a huge fan!!!

  10. jeff roberts
    jeff roberts says:

    Hey Mr Joe.
    I would like to see you do some smoked rabbit and squirrels. If you could. I've grown up in north Carolina and lived here my whole life. I have fond memories of fried rabbit with squirrel gravy with what we called cat head biscuits.

  11. Marcus Cheko
    Marcus Cheko says:

    funny how im never hungry till he makes something like this and puts us all through the pain of watching him eat it !!!!!! man , thats awsome looking !!! …..wish i could cook like this , id cook all the time if i could do this …..thanks joe …..marcus in west texas !


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