Sweet Potato Casserole

Chef Britt shows us a spin on a holiday classic: Sweet Potato Casserole! She makes smoky sweet potato mash and tops it all with homemade marshmallow fluff!
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  1. Tom Downey
    Tom Downey says:

    Loved it. Makes me wonder why Chef Britt has such better production value than Chef Tom. Her cute little quotes, the snazzy elevator music.. I enjoy that stuff. Chef Tom could totally rock some acoustic bluegrass while he spatchcocks turkeys and starts fires. Love this channel. Y'all keep it up

  2. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about these sides videos that I find fascinating is that they not only seem to compliment the main course i.e. the turkeys featured on this channel but also each other. As Ralph Wiggum would say “I”m learneding”


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