Surf n' Turf – Reverse Seared Beef Tenderloin with Grilled Shrimp


Watch Chef Tom reverse sear a whole beef tenderloin and grill shrimp on the Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill for an amazing Surf n’ Turf dinner.

Full recipe:

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  1. Trey Matlock
    Trey Matlock says:

    Enjoy the videos…
    Question as I'm doing my first beef tenderloin next week. Do you recommend the reverse sear or indirect method the whole cook? I cook on a Weber kettle.
    Thanks and keep the videos coming!

  2. Tom Keady
    Tom Keady says:

    DUDE, The only thing I'm mad at is that I dint take pictures. Best way I can sum it up is a good friend of mine saying, "I'm not going out to eat anymore, we are only coming here" Great videos man, keep it up.

  3. R S
    R S says:

    Thomas, I recently used an Oyster sauce to bind my rub on a tenderloin. It was so amazing I could not believe it. When used on the grill all sea or fishy flavor goes away. Since I have used this and was amazed I have used it on other steaks and even chicken and pork steaks…. mind blowing. I simply keep basting the meat as I flip with more amazement. I have been cooking on the pit for a long time and nothing I have tried before has given meat flavor this. You have to try it. I will warn you though don't taste it unless you cook with it on the grill, you won't like it also be warned the only oyster sauce that works properly is Dynasty brand. If you like it and use it in a video please give me the credit. If you have other questions please let me know…… Rob S from FL

  4. Delmarva Backyard
    Delmarva Backyard says:

    Amazing video Chef Tom. Never thought to melt the butter with a torch, awesome idea. Question, have you experimented with not using binders on meat? I'm referring primarily to meats where your trying to get a good smoke ring but in general also. I know its not a dramatic effect but I think sometimes, depending on the binder, they can prevent smoke penetration. What are you thoughts on that? I'm definitely going to be giving this dish a try brother! Thanks

  5. ColonelK0rn
    ColonelK0rn says:

    Holy smokes Chef Tom. That looks fantastic. I was thinking while you were making the compound butter that a few sprigs of fresh rosemary chopped up like the garlic would make a nice complement to the butter. Then you said that the Fin & Feather had rosemary in it already, so that's that. I still would put the rosemary in the butter anyways, to give it a try.


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