Summer Grilling Giveaway – Featuring the Aaron Franklin PK300AF

Summer Grilling Giveaway – Featuring the Aaron Franklin PK300AF

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The crew at have teamed up with Aaron Franklin and PK Grills to giveaway this amazing prize package including the PK Grills Aaron Franklin Edition PK300AF Charcoal Grill, a four piece Wusthof Toolset, ATBBQ Heavy Duty Grill Mat, ATBBQ Stackable Prep and Serve Trays, and three of Chef Tom’s favorite seasonings from Cattleman’s Grill.

This prize package is valued at over $1,000!


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  1. David Longinotti
    David Longinotti says:

    Greetings. My late father (may he Rest In Peace) taught himself how to smoke meats on the original PK back in the early 1970’s. He worked at the aluminum processing plant in Hot Springs, Arkansas, that provided the raw materials to the manufacturing company and received the PK as a gift from them. He got quite adept at the smoking and grilling process and thus we have many fond memories of his prowess. I’ve strived to become as good as he was and would love to be able to continue the family tradition on a custom PK.

  2. LB
    LB says:

    My husband would LOVE this!! Grilling is his therapy!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️ thanks for all your videos. Chicken burgers** are a weekly meal of ours now 🇺🇸

  3. Szabolcs Szécsi
    Szabolcs Szécsi says:

    Hello. I am a big fan if yout channel here on YouTube. Unfortunately I am from Hungary and this fantastic giveaway is nit available in my country. Anyway good luck for the future winner and I hope they will enjoy their amazing new grill. All the best and keep up the good job and make more of those fantastic videos. Szabi from Hungary

  4. TheQcMike
    TheQcMike says:

    I'm sad that this contest is not available in Canada, but I am still happy with the collab and I legit hope a nice south canadian fellow will have some fun grilling on the PK300AF!

  5. Amphetamine Logic
    Amphetamine Logic says:

    Come on Tom, you guys in ATBBQ can do so much better for the massive following you have outside the USA!! If educating BBQ worldwide is a thing, all these euro's, aussies and canadians need a bit of a push 😀.


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