Sugar Maple Spare Ribs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Low and Slow Sugar Maple Ribs are known as Pitmasters sweet smoked pork candy. And, you can bet that the Food Police are coming to get some for themselves! So load up the guns and smoke up a big ol’ batch. They’re real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. RaceIsOpen
    RaceIsOpen says:

    I am from Philadelphia, PA and will rock this recipe next week! Thanks so much… but what is the name of the little silver box cooking equipment, that you used to seer the ribs? Does it run on gas?

  2. TERRY
    TERRY says:

    I am about ready to come infiltrate your camp and grab some of them ribs. They do look good enough to die for but please let me eat a couple before you put me down. LOL………………

  3. Hayder Almoktar
    Hayder Almoktar says:

    You remind me with my grandpa, when my father used to take us to hes farm, when I was a littel boy, but it is sold now, any thing has changed, my grandpa gone and so as his best days.
    Best regards from Iraq.

  4. A.R Johnson
    A.R Johnson says:

    Okay I'm I so lucky or what. This is my 5 video I've watched of you ole boys cooking up a storm when "ding ding ding" I still had some of my smoked baby back ribs with a mix of bbq sauce and GeneralTso's sauce for the glancing. Now I'm setting hear with my mouth watering and my stomach growling while watch you guys cook. I really do learn a few good secrets from you boys.

  5. John S
    John S says:

    A3-03 Rifle, all original, oh baby, have one myself, manufactured 8/44, have Marlin 336 too… The A3-03 seen/fired in the movies 'Jaws' and also 'Tremors' now on 'BBQ Pit Boys', in adage: Third time is a charm.


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