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“Broken Reality” Kevin
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  1. J K
    J K says:

    It's good that you're putting old fashioned cooking techniques out there for people who didn't learn them growing up. Knowing combinations and ratios so you can cook with what you can get is better than recipes!

  2. The Tribunal Of The Imagination
    The Tribunal Of The Imagination says:

    You could also, in theory and if you didn't mind doing a few extra dishes, transfer your chops and the resultant gravy into a slow-cooker and let that critter do your simmering. Also, I'd swap out the starch… a nice cheesy polenta (or grits, if you're a good Southern boy/girl) seems just the ticket. And if money's no object, I'd add things like dried apples and swap out the apple juice for apple cider… at least during the fall, when cider's in season and priced reasonably. I mean… my budget can allow for a FEW extras, but I'm not a complete spendthrift.

    I consider recipes more guideline than general rule… and I try not to skimp on the quality of the ingredients if I can help it. Still, I always come to The Wolfe Pit for ideas… and for Mr. Wolfe's down-home sarcasm at the nay-saying lookie-loos. This is why I try to be less "Scooter" and more "You, The People." >w>

  3. Selale Z
    Selale Z says:

    Often stores will have a "Use it Tonight" discount for foods that are going out of date in the next few days. This is a great way to eat well on a budget especially since you can freeze the meat for later.

  4. Carol
    Carol says:

    I dunno bout y'all but I've been and still am poor enough to forage. If you live on the east coast or south in the USA or Canada wild puff ball mushrooms and rampion (aka wild garlic) grow like weeds for most of the year and are very tasty. Just remember to be careful mushroom hunting! With puff balls you want all white and no gills. Edit: I also garden not for the zen feeling but the food.


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