Stouffer's NEW Frozen XL Burritos! – Are They Worth $4.50 EACH? – The Wolfe Pit

Stouffer’s NEW Frozen XL Burritos! – Are They Worth $4.50 EACH?


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28 replies
  1. ein311
    ein311 says:

    Man, I can get Tina's burritos 3 for $1 at the grocery store… That's a lot of Tina's for the price of one of these. And those red hot beef burritos are delicious, I don't care what they look like.

  2. Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson says:

    Can I send you a bag of CHEEZE KURLS to do a review on? They're very popular in West Michigan and they taste so much better than cheetos. I didn't know they were just a local thing, they don't exist on YouTube.

  3. KvatchIsInDanger
    KvatchIsInDanger says:

    Whole wheat is generally comparable to flour, but whole wheat has more dietary fiber which you basically just subtract from the total carbohydrates resulting in lower total carbohydrate content. Bleached flour may also have other drawbacks to it too, but I don’t know enough to comment on that.

  4. Anthony Landrum
    Anthony Landrum says:

    These will be another item I wait and try after you once they are on Managers special at my local Kroger. All the way overpriced frozen stuff eventually becomes $1-2 before they quit stocking it lol.

  5. Sparky Jones
    Sparky Jones says:

    Dude it's "fit kitchen" what did you expect from the beef 600 calories of fat?

    Chicken can't go wrong. It's low fat to start if it's white meat and skinless.

    For me the El monterrey burritos are fine and at $.50 to $1.00 each you can't go wrong… but it's probably more calories one against the other.

  6. Terry Lyle
    Terry Lyle says:

    Well, I wouldn't eat those but I do love to read the ingredients list. I was very interested in the "interesterified soybean oil". I mean if it's "interesterified" it's either interesting or terrifying or both. l googled it and it's a miracle of modern technology! Now, who would not want that in their burrito?


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