Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition – Dry Age Steak at Home | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue


Chef Tom walks you through the Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition. This tool allows you to dry age beef at home, as well as make wonderful air-cured charcuterie with ease.

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  1. ocnier
    ocnier says:

    I just wish this product was closer to $800 instead of $1500. I have a sl 103 (older version) but 1500 is just too high a price point for this product. The Kingsford locker (with less bells and whistles/capability meaning beef only) is much more aggressively priced at present. My hope is these guys can get the product cost down at some point with mass production.

  2. Doc Dug
    Doc Dug says:

    Nice video, review and a terrific looking steak. This is something else I definitely have to add to my kitchen wish list for our next home, and it fits under counter!!!! At $1500 it is less expensive than the wine fridge my wife purchased! So I've got that going for me…

    I've had mediocre results trying to dry age in our fridge. I even tried one of our kids mini fridge from college and the results from that were abysmal.

  3. Al Juarez
    Al Juarez says:

    ATbbq subscriber here, UMAI bags are more economical. This thing is waaaaay to expensive. I have done two 17 lb ribeye roasts in my fridge and they came out awesome. The hardest part of the age is waiting, aging a roast for 45 days currently.

  4. Toto CH
    Toto CH says:

    My butcher is dry aging the meat old style (Switzerland). The meat is amazing. When I invite people, they are surprised that the meat is so super tender even if cooked well-done. Unfortunately he is a old guy who will retire in a few years. Hate these traditional butchers disappear and replaced by industrial stuff.

  5. meatwad000
    meatwad000 says:

    Cringed when you cut that hunk of fat off the bottom. Dry aging makes that fat so delicious, don't waste it! Also with all the trim you can throw it into a pot on low and render the fat out, save it to brush it in finished steaks, or to start the sear off with a teaspoon or two.

  6. Steve Berg
    Steve Berg says:

    I dry age NY strip a few times a year – makes a great gift! For cutting, I made a small block of wood with a slit in it to go on the end of the knife so I can easily push down on both ends of the knife. The rind is tough to get through and this really helps. Also, make sure you cut dried steak into thick singles, they need very little sear, cook very fast and you don’t want to dry one out any more.


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