Steak and Oysters Seafood Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


This 100 year old recipe was a favorite steak dinner of the nouveau riche in the northern States during the Industrial Revolution. And for good reason. That grilled beef steak stuffed with fresh shucked oysters flavor is real tasty and a surf and turf classic, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. William Bo Baggins
    William Bo Baggins says:

    Washington state Oysters!!! Had them fresh this wknd while on the Olympic Peninsula and they ore OMG Guuud!!! Brought some fresh in the shell oysters to do on my grill with a couple T-Bones for me and the Mrs.! Gonna have to try me some Carpetbagger Steak next with some fresh shucked oysters I brought home as well!!! Why!?! Cause It's Guuud!!!

  2. skeche
    skeche says:

    this recipe ain't all that good cause the inside of the steak doesn't cook through since you've cut it down the middle to pocket the oysters so it's rare on the inside.

  3. Sunshine
    Sunshine says:

    I have never in my life had steak stuffed with oysters I love oysters and a good steak once in a blue moon. I'm a chef and I teach cooking classes bbq is great but not my area. I'm loving your YouTube Chanel the look the person that narrates it, and the food.


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