St. Paddy's Pastrami Pizza | Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with Chef Tom and a St. Paddy’s Pastrami Pizza Party in the the Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven!
Full recipe:
How to Make Pizza Dough:
Beef Short Rib Pastrami Recipe Video:


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  1. Dyna Mike
    Dyna Mike says:

    This channel, how to bbq right, swine life bbq and cooking with Ry are the premier bbq channels on YouTube. Thanks to them and their recipes, I cook gangster meals at home and for my friends at parties. I appreciate all the hard work. Cheers!!!

  2. Grillmeister GVWZ
    Grillmeister GVWZ says:

    Absolutely loving this channel, the recipes, the coolness and knowledge of chef tom and also the grills and stuff. But this pizza oven? You always have to turn the pizza, so it doesn't burn on one side? Doesn't make me wanna cook with it 🙁

  3. Alex Ruppert
    Alex Ruppert says:

    Wonder if you played around with the idea of a marble rye or pumpernickel pizza dough? The Reuben is the world’s best sandwich and I’ve thought before of converting that to a pizza ?


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