Split Pea Soup – How To Make Split Pit Pea and Ham Soup


Split Pea Soup is one of my favorite comfort meals. It’s easy, inexpensive, delicious and GOOD FOR YOU! The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make a hearty pot of Split Pea and Ham Soup!

Print Recipe – http://www.thewolfepit.com/2015/11/split-pea-soup-how-to-make-split-pit.html

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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31 replies
  1. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    A place called split pea anderson's in california is #1 restaurant for buying split peas ,tons a year, signature dish, and it has no meat, not even for flavoring, unreal, but it looks good, it is all you can eat for appx. 10 bucks

  2. Topcat3333
    Topcat3333 says:

    I have never soaked the peas. Just add to the onion, carrot and celery mix. Add chicken stock, water to cover and a bay leaf. Do Not add salt at this point. It will toughen the shell of anything, including beans.
    ok. Put heat on low and simmer. Check after two hours, but stir in occasionally.. When done, you can puree it with a stick blender, put it in a blender in batches, or just get your aggrestions out with a giant spoon . THEN you add your chopped ham. P.S. I always add a little bit of nutmeg. Add a pinch of nutmeg to all green vegetable.

  3. olarky arkansas
    olarky arkansas says:

    Potato flakes are a good thickener for such recipes , they have a very neutral taste so brings nothing to the party but thicking , they swell in volume some so best to add a little and see what you got and adjust further . Great video as usual Thanks

  4. Dmm Dmm543
    Dmm Dmm543 says:

    I cheated myself by making this in a pan, it's not enough. Now I'm making this in a 3 gallon stock pot, And freezing 10ea. 1 quart meal portions. The fresh balance I eat for a few days. I tried whole fingerling potatoes and whole smoked turkey thighs and shreaded the turkey after a 3 hour simmer. Too satisfying

  5. 1slogar
    1slogar says:

    Been cooking for MANY years; recently received a free whole ham so deboned it and made a ham broth using the bone & bit pieces over 2 days. Done the ham & bean soup recently so trying split pea for the first time. Threw some things together then decided to look at some videos when I came across yours, very similar to to how you made it and that makes me feel good. Your videos are the best and I hope mine comes out as good as yours!


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