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There are a thousand ways to do pork ribs, like there are a thousand ways to die. This St. Louis style smoked ribs recipe is worth it. And it’s easy to do..! Check it out.
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33 replies
  1. Karrie Falon
    Karrie Falon says:

    Wish they could taste my ribs. I use a dark red willow for smoke. And my secret rub. Giggles if i could remember from time to time i make my rub i could say whats in it. Every time i have a diffrent taste. But never pickem up by the bone or ya be pretty hungery cause ya be eatin bone alone

  2. Vincent VdB
    Vincent VdB says:

    You can only make that much rib videos. Luckily they cut out the struggle of the membrane removal. There is such an obsession to show that only the knife is used that a simple spoon is a far better tool to remove the membrane but hey, whatever does it 🙂
    For the rest, just another rib video.

  3. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    Fellers very nice ribs, tip for easy membrane removal, the ribs must be thawed & on bottom of rack start a slot under membrane with a butter knife/spoon handle in between 2 ribs in the middle of rack opposite each side about 3/4inches deep toward the middle, work your index fingers under each side slot til they meet & lift up the rib & both ends will flex downward & gravity will do the work as will pull off membrane to each end clean off, fast & easy & learned this from bbq pit masters years ago as I am 59 & works everytime, they need to be completely thawed & prefer room temp for the ply abilitly/flex

  4. DeadBoyHK1
    DeadBoyHK1 says:

    I personally like the membrane on the back. If it’s done right, it gets nice and crispy, and is kind of fun to peel off the bone while I’m eating. Ribs are the one food I eat, that makes me want to feel like a savage while I’m eating.


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