SPAM Recipes That Will SHOCK YOU!!



“Broken Reality” Kevin
MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Ryan Perry
    Ryan Perry says:

    I have a Hawaiian friend that makes Spam Fried Rice. It is amazing! Instead of the pineapple, he adds Kimchi. If you can handle Kimchi you NEED to give this a try! It turns out so unreal! Love your videos!

  2. KnightFandragon
    KnightFandragon says:

    I like some SOS. Both of my grandmas made it. My mom's mom made the ground beef version, my dad's mom made the chipped beef or even canadian bacon version. I like them all, and sausage gravy on biscuits is prolly my favorite breakfast food.

    As for SPAM. I honestly like it more than I thought I would. My uncle fried it up and put it on a bread, a SPAM sammich? I thought it was just gunna be an inedible salt brick, as I somehow recall that being the overwhelming flavor of spam…salt….but it wasnt so bad. My uncle loves him some Jalapeno SPAM.

  3. William Harris
    William Harris says:

    Is cream-based gravy a Southern thing? I have spent much time in New England (and a little bit in Seattle), and I have never seen this item on a restaurant menu. I have had white sauce (Bechamel), but only on fish, not meat.

  4. William Harris
    William Harris says:

    We Canadians can only get regular and Reduced Fat/Sodium Spam — none of the exotic flavors. We cannot even order them online. I now have something else to look for during my next cross-border grocery run.


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