SPAM Musubi – Hawaiian Musubi – How to make SPAM Musubi


SPAM and SPAM Musubi are VERY popular in Hawaii and for good reason, they’re delicious! In this video I will show you how to make Hawaiian Musubi!

Products I used:
Calphalon Skillet –
Nori –
Sushi Rice –

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32 replies
  1. Derek Duncan
    Derek Duncan says:

    Great Recipe! Quick tip, for the part where you combine soy sauce, mirin, and sugar; you can replace all that with bottled teriyaki sauce from any grocery store and it will be almost as good! It's also a great way to get rid of teriyaki sauce that you bought for a recipe two years ago and still have a ton left!

  2. Mysticka72
    Mysticka72 says:

    Awesome that you tried this. This is a staple in Hawaii. My favorite. I do have to let you know that furikake is pronounced: foo-ree-kah-key (you roll the r) but kudos for your how to and you did an amazing job!!!

  3. Nick James
    Nick James says:

    I love musubi my mom had me try it as a kid cause she wanted me to try my culture and at first I did not want to try it cause the Nori but when I did it was absolutely amazing I've been hooked ever since


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