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SPAM Hawaiian Pizza!! This isn’t your average ham and pineapple Hawaiin pizza, this is a SPAM Hawaiian Pizza kicked up a few notches and it’s delicious!

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40 replies
  1. Bite Me
    Bite Me says:

    HAWAIIAN PIZZA? SPAM? those aren't pizzas, those are torture discs of death!
    I like that Iron Butterfly type music that you've got going on in the background.
    Ok, you changed my attitude about Hawaiian pizza too……. I used to just shake my head at it, now I loathe and detest it lol.

  2. Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel says:

    Donatos Hawaiian : Clumps of thinly sliced ham deli meat, Pineapple, Thinly sliced almonds, cinnamon. If you are a fan of Hawiian pizza you should try this, One of My all time favorites, of course Donatos crust is delicious so Idk how this would be on a normal crust

  3. rhonda90402
    rhonda90402 says:

    It sounded like Mr. Wolfe called the crust a Babalouie crust instead of Boboli (pronounced like Bobo lee) Funny to me!… If I don't want to use real pizza dough I use the Boboli crust and they are the best but never buy the other brand right next to them (at least here in Southern California) as they taste terrible! I think Mr. Wolfe just doesn't like pineapple that much!

    4PERCENTERS says:

    Please, sharpen your knives, so your videos don’t look so amateur, but most of all, so you demonstrate safety in the kitchen! A dull knife is the quickest way to cut yourself and add to the fatigue of cooking. I love the recipes!

  5. m1t2a1
    m1t2a1 says:

    Decades ago some friends went to a local pizza place with a bar. Drunk and walking we had a pizza made with all of the fruits from behind the bar, and pineapple. We did it so that you don't have to. Maraschino cherries, orange, lemon, lime and more.
    Don't. Great local pizza place, G&J, probably gone now. Don't ever get an all fruit pizza, anywhere and ever.
    Edited to add that if the event was recorded, it would have been on super 8

  6. Daris Alfafa 2
    Daris Alfafa 2 says:

    Wow what a disgrace. A heresy. Instant dough, instant sauce, a shitload of toppings, onions, pineapples, grilled pizza, what can you ask for more disgrace.

    But on top of it all, lovely video!

  7. Kevin K
    Kevin K says:

    I've done Spam and pineapple for a long time on my homemade pies. But rather than grilling the pineapple, I saute it in butter with a touch of brown sugar. Turns out great.


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