Soft-Shell Crab Recipe | How to cook Soft-Shell Crabs


Chesapeake Bay Soft-Shell Crabs sautéed in lemon butter sauce and simmered to tender perfection.

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46 replies
  1. MsKestrela
    MsKestrela says:

    A friend gave me some soft shell blue crabs yesterday, and I needed a recipe. I should have known you'd have one! The only way I've had them before is breaded or tempura, and since I eat low carb these days, that wouldn't work. Thank you!

  2. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    I haven't had, or even seen, soft shell crab since literally the 70s! I remember them as quite a delicacy. Finding one this far away from The Bay would be nigh unto as likely as finding Donald Trump's real hair.

  3. Cornelius Sneed
    Cornelius Sneed says:

    This looks really good, Larry. I've always wanted to try these, but I live on the wrong coast for blue crab.

    By the way, can donations be made using PayPal? I tried, but a credit card seems the only option.

  4. Protocol Officer
    Protocol Officer says:

    My favorite sea food ever. I always looked forward to eating them whenever I was in Virginia or Maryland. Now, you can get them all over. As the years went by, I slowly developed an allergy to the iodine found in the soft carapace and the last time I had them, I swelled up like Howard Wallowitz when he ate peanuts. So, I have happy memories and envy anyone who makes and eats this marvelous recipe!😋. Sigh

  5. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Looks really great, Wolfie! 🙂 Sorry you were a little under the weather before, and glad that you sound much better now! Your soft-shell crabs recipe is very tasty and delicious . . . very nice job! Thanks and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe 🙂


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