Smoky Grilled Potato Salad – The BEST Potato Salad Recipe


The Wolfe Pit shows you How To Make Homemade Potato Salad. Grilled Potato Salad that is…this takes typical potato salad to a new level and is the perfect side dish for Summertime picnics!

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38 replies
  1. Sunny Thai
    Sunny Thai says:

    I just found this video. I appreciate the simple ingredients, because it's hard to source many things where I live. The recipe is great. I just made my second batch. My wife who has never had potato salad loves it too. Many thanks Larry. Cheers from South Thailand

  2. Manuel Villarreal
    Manuel Villarreal says:

    it wont take too much time if im making it for a lot people 30-40.Will it?im gonna try this for my daughters Mickeymouse clubhouse birthday b-day party thanks for sharing it looks delicious.👍

  3. Joe Bucci
    Joe Bucci says:

    Larry, I have never saw the before… and it looks like a winner….
    With your permission.. Can I add just a few non cooked pickles????I have never tried to bbq a pickle…
    This is sweet………

  4. Gregory Jurek
    Gregory Jurek says:

    I'm enjoying this recipe right now.  Ran out and picked up all the ingredients cause I had to try it.  Halved the recipe and it tastes outstanding!  Layed out the the potatoes and put a couple of slices of thick cut bacon on top of the spuds for indirect heat.  Delicious! Give it a try. Thanks Larry.

  5. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Hey, Wolfie!    That looks really delicious and unique.   I love potato salad, but never thought of grilling the taters (vs boiling).  And yes, a little bacon would definitely help!   <lol>    🙂

    Thanks very much and thumbs up as always,  your buddy,  Norfolk Joe  🙂

  6. Ria
    Ria says:

    Surely thumps up .I use yohurt or sour cream instead of mayo or even a mixture of as matching better to delicate potato taste. Keep introducing receipes the way you do.

  7. Fritz is Cookin Again
    Fritz is Cookin Again says:

    Hey Larry !!! How is my Carolina Brother !!! Please say Hey to Birdie and the Family from Me , Mom , and ole Sarge !!! I do LOVE Regular Potato Salad !!! You are a Genius my Friend !!!  Your Homemade Grilled Redskin Potato Salad Recipe was Off the Charts NEXT Level Yummy !!! Fantastic Larry …


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