Smoked Turkey – How To Smoke a Turkey


Turkey is the centerpiece on most Holiday dinner tables. But most of the time, a regular roasted turkey is overcooked and dry. This brine inected apple & cherry wood smoked turkey is extra juicy and bursting with flavor! Say no to the average boring turkey and give this one a try!!

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  1. Kenneth Donnelly
    Kenneth Donnelly says:

    damn that looks good………i don't know if you have these in the States but we always use Glad Turkey bags to cook our Christmas Turkey, it ends up looking like a giant boil in the bag Turkey, but it works out amazing the Turkey bakes in the bag and the Crow roasts and the juice catch in the bottom so it self bastes in its own Turkey stock (and if you cook the stuffing (Irish style stuffing is usually fine bread crumbs, onion, butter and herbs) in the Turkey main cavity and stuff the neck with sausage meat like i do )so you don't have to brine the Turkey…… end up with amazing seasoned Turkey broth for your gravy…….seriously it makes amazing gravy even with a packet of gravy mix (you can also make you own but the broth makes anything taste amazing)

  2. Lumpy Q
    Lumpy Q says:

    Real Fine looking Turkey Larry, I am doing Thanksgiving here at Home this year instead of traveling. I am going to do it on my Kamado Joe as well, so I am going to use this method of yours. Great Job!

  3. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Your turkey looks terrific, Wolfie! :-0 What an absolutely beautiful color, too! :-0 It's almost a shame to actually cut it up and eat it <lol> 😉 Thanks SO much for another great, tasty-looking video, and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe

  4. 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE says:

    Thank looks fantastic i have never tried a brine, nor apple wood for a turkey. Most store bough poultry has a brine in it. I can't get away from butter, garlic and lemon pepper, Mesquite Wood to try any thing else, hard to get away from old habits he heee / I bet the taste is awesome.. Was thinking of a white vinegar brine injection it makes french fries AWESOME why not a turkey he heee. Yes i would give it a try FOR SURE. I came up with a ideal of a turkey rotisserie on my pit that i use for hogs, i use it a lot. These propane fry oil pots are to much of a fire hazard and can get very hugly fast


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