Smoked Shotgun Shells on the brand new @Camp Chef APEX 36”

Here is my process. Hope you guys/gals give this recipe a “shot”. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching!

Shotgun Shells

Manicotti Shells
1 lb ground pork (used Jimmy Dean)
1 lb original cut bacon.
3/4 block Cream Cheese
3 cups fine shredded cheddar
1/4 cup of your favorite rub.
4 finely diced and then sautéed Jalapeños with a few cloves of garlic
BBQ Sauce.

Combine all but BBQ Sauce in a bowl and mix well.

You don’t have to but I par boiled the manicotti shells for 4 1/2 mins (don’t like chewy pasta)

Let shells cool to touch then slice down middle.

Add your meat mix to a ziploc bag, cut corner off bottom and squeeze into the open shells.

“Close” shells then wrap with 1 slice of bacon for each shell.

Sprinkle additional rub on top of bacon wrapped shells.

250° Smoke 10 (personal preference) for 1.5 hrs.

At 1.5 hrs you should be close to 165° IT in the center of the shell. Up temp to 350° until minimum IT is 165° AND the bacon is cooked to your preference.

Sauce the shells with your favorite sauce (still at 350°) for about 5 mins.

Pull off and enjoy.


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