Smoked Pork Loin – How To Smoke a Pork Loin On A Weber Kettle


The Wolfe Pit shows you an easy and simple BBQ process for making the BEST EVER apple wood smoked pork loin on the grill you’ll ever taste. Seasoned with Wolfe Rub BBQ Seasoning, then smoked over hardwood charcoal and apple wood. Once the loin is cooled, it is slice paper thin, then piled high on a fresh bun. Top with your favorite BBQ sauce and enjoy!

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  1. StormLaker1975
    StormLaker1975 says:

    I agree with the information on the label. One brand I stay away from is Hormel, which sadly most stores sell around our area. The sodium content is ridiculous. So if I am buying pork loin, or any pork for that matter, I buy it from a buddy of mine who runs a small meat market. He hates the enhanced meat as well. The salt and Nitrates are NOT good for you, in fact the nitrates are possible carcinogens, and our bodies react to it negatively, especially small children. 

  2. Bob Papadopoulos
    Bob Papadopoulos says:

    Basically, they've been bought out by a Chinese interest, but they say they're not importing Chinese pork and instead will be shipping our pork over there, which will most certainly jack up the prices here.

  3. 10Taylor28
    10Taylor28 says:

    That is the biggest pork loin I have ever seen! How much did it cost? I priced one, about 1/4 this size in my local butcher, for my in laws coming this weekend, and it was £33 Stirling, like, 70 dollars. Plus more, for crackling. Personally, I hate pork, as well as lamb, which my in laws also love. Not sure what I am going to do for tea, any ideas? I am not a cheap and cheerful kind girl, but can't spend entire shopping budget on a bit of meat. Love your channel! Noreen sent me! Love from Scotl

  4. Fantic1980
    Fantic1980 says:

    Really great you know this mate. I hate seeing people cook pork well done, within an inch of its life, because they think pork is like poultry. I wish more people knew though.

  5. lysippus
    lysippus says:

    right on… i dont know whats going on, but weve been able to get great prices on unprocessed (unbrined or whatever you'd like to call it) pork loins recently. all the talk of last summer's drought and meat prices seem to have been unfounded–for now. although, the whole brining/enhanced stuff may be the workaround for inflation/price increases, eventually. the canned tuna industry recently got nailed on basically selling cans of water instead of tuna. remember "mash's hams" slogan?

  6. trueCDNhoser
    trueCDNhoser says:

    Thanks for the tips on choosing the right type of meat Larry! I have never even thought to look at the amount of sodium. Will definitely look from now on. Man that looked like a tasty sandwich! Cheers


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