Smoked Ham Grilled Chicken Cheese fil-A| Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Smoked Ham Grilled Chicken Cheese fil-A| Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Step up the Chick-Fil-A game with this generous mix of both smoked Manuka Honey Glazed Ham and flame grilled Chicken on a Brioche bun as shown here by Wolfman
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30 replies
  1. Cool Moment
    Cool Moment says:

    Почему когда я смотрю этих ребят я сразу хочу кушать !после этого видео я пожарил колбасу на плите ))))

  2. Sony Super Cooking
    Sony Super Cooking says:

    WOW so delicious recipe ♥️🥰🥰 thanks for sharing 👌👌 try Karna too banta hai 🧐😍 amazing recipe ♥️🥰 looking good 👍👍😊 awesome presentation ♥️♥️..

  3. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    Good Lord! Chick-fil-A won't even stand a chance against that burger. Dang! How many courses of meals y'all have in the meat-up? 👍👍👍👍

  4. Sweet Day
    Sweet Day says:

    I love your recipes, always Best! i think prepare food 4 others is like create something similar to make a diy gift, under that rudeness hides so much delicacy and affection that force translates into what is so appetizing. (no entiendo por que siempre las veo antes de almorzar, cualquiera come nada viendo eso taaan perfecto jope 😓) <– Sorry for bad translation! 🏵️


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