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Learn how to brine and smoke Cornish Game Hens in this how-to step by step video. These game hens are great anytime of the year but especially around the holidays as a great turkey alternative!

Equipment I used:
Rec-Tec RT-300 –
Perfect Mix Pellets –
Stainless Steel Tongs –

Print Recipe –

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Mike Lee
    Mike Lee says:

    Thanks for the post…what seems like an eternity ago, I did something similar to this in my old Luhr Jenson Little Chief, using their recipe book and it came out fantastic. Just put 4 little birds in for their morning swim before their afternoon sauna…..only variations I made on the brine this morning was i used 2 frozen apple juice concentrate cans (effectively bringing the apple juice volume to 96 ounces and negating the need for ice cubes) and skipped the cinnamon sticks while adding just some basic poultry seasoning mix to the brine… As to "420" that ship sailed for me AND all my neighbors years ago so I'll just stick to the hardwood smoke now…lol

  2. Joe Ovel
    Joe Ovel says:

    You're The Man! Larry! All my family and friends look to me for Great BBQ! and I owe it all to you, been a fan since 1987 keep on teaching your trade, you have made me the BBQ envy of family and friends, I just tell them to follow the and buy a Rec Tec Grill! no more needs to be said! Your the Greatist! if you would like the same follow Larry on I know he would appreciate it!

  3. Steve Woods
    Steve Woods says:

    Loved the video as always. There used to be a grocery store in Idependence MO that had a small (cannot call it deli) It was more like a the hot food section of the school lunchroom. That sold these in BBQ sauce and i have eaten many of them from there when I was growing up. For whatever reason I have never cooked them, I am inspired to buy, brine (become a big fan of the brine) some and smoke them, so thank you sooo much!

  4. James Jacocks
    James Jacocks says:

    As to your fib about the hens being better than the smoke on CO: the chicken is totally better after even a light smoke. If you grew your own smoking substance, you could soak some and smoke your bird. Just remember who told you this.

  5. WW Suwannee
    WW Suwannee says:

    "Cold" ice is like left "rear" taillight or right "front " headlight… me I have seen this in print. Anyway these are also great smoked with hickory on a little or big chief smoker (remember those…they were great then and still are for a lot of stuff) and cooked how you like them. Game hens are unbelievably good and one of my favorites. I have never brined them ,but I think I will try it …Thanks for the vid 🙂     BTW I'm from Colorado


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