Smoked Brisket Empanadas | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys


The origin of empanadas is unknown but these Smoked Brisket Empanadas
originated at the Joseph Q chapter of the BBQ Pit Boys. packed with cheeses, jalapenos and of course brisket, these are quick and easy and taste just great.

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48 replies
  1. Saw Boss
    Saw Boss says:

    I don't know what happened to them but my cast iron grill grates have been missing for months. I haven't been able to smoke or grill. It's very frustrating. I've looked every where for them.

  2. A N
    A N says:

    Its always surprising to me how people who've been barbecuing presumably for years have no idea how to use a knife safely. Lovely recipes, but my anxiety goes through the roof!

  3. Andrazi
    Andrazi says:

    Delicate onion flavor? Not intending to be too much of a jerk here but… I'm fairly certain that the OG Pit Boys don't know what delicate means, nor should they.
    With that said, this look dang delicious.

  4. Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell says:

    Got to say, those look awesome! (and loved the vid presentation too). If you can't find the prefab empenada rounds, Pillsbury pie crusts, flattened out a little and cut to size work great as well. Excellent job!


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